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VA/MD/Washington DC on MAY 29th, 2010 NEW - Page 7

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First post updated! Have a good time you guys!
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I will be there again. Thanks for setting us up with the room again.
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So I'm new on these forums and just getting into the high end audio scene.  I plan on making the May 29th date and am highly looking forward to it.


Currently I have no gear besides crappy cheap headphones and a set on bass-less Senn PC350.  I was wondering if you all knew of any good stores in the area to audition this gear besides meets.  My price range is very large from about 300-1500 (not sure at this point what my ears can distinguish).

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There's a store on Route 50 in Falls Church that sells Grados.  I don't know if you can demo them.  It's between 7 Corners and Annandale Road

Deja Vu Audio in McLean sells Stax. Again, I don't know if you can audition. The meet will be the best place to audition although it can be a little noisy.

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Bummer, I'll have new toys by then, but can't make the one in May. Might see you folks in the fall.

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I looks like we might have them every couple of months so it won't be too long until the next one, maybe July or August.

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Is it looking like this one might be a little under-attended? Are we VA/MD/DCers over-meeting?

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So how did the meet go? Can anybody chime in?

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I think you're a week early asking :)

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You are right, gosh my work schedule  changed so many times that looks like I am loosing my mind.

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Originally Posted by vvs_75 View Post

You are right, gosh my work schedule  changed so many times that looks like I am loosing my mind.

Sounds like we work for the same people

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so what time do you all think would be best to get there.  I have never been to one so I would assume people wonder in and out throughout the day.  Are there generally more set ups morning, afternoon, ...most people out by 2,....  Also, I was thinking about making an assorted playlist of like 5 or so songs on my zune to test these with (hi, mid, low, voice, fast, and slow).  Are most people good with letting you change the source or should I just listen to what is set up?

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This is a reminder that you have reserved:
Library: George Mason Regional Library
Room: George Mason Meeting Room
Date: Saturday, May 29, 2010
Reservation start time: 10:00 AM
Reservation end time: 5:00 PM
Confirmation Number: MMBZXVO

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