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handy tube substitute guide

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I found this handy tube substitute search page...hope you find it useful
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Great find
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Thanks, this will come in handy!!
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Thanks! I have just started learning about tubes...this will help greatly in purchases!

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Not work correct.

I ask 6n14p, this is what I get:

I ask 6n1p, answer:



© 1996-2004 Nostalgia Air

© 1996-2004 Nostalgia Air

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What i think Zigis is getting at is while they may technically fit in the same spot and might have the same design... the tubes it lists as subs vary widely in their voltage and gain, so are not drop in replacements in an amplifier. 

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Zigis: You only reached an intermediate page. The page titled, "I found 14 possible tube matches for [tube name]" is an intermediate step for clarification. Each of the names you listed links to the page with the actual substitution information. The "possible tube matches" seem to be somewhat hit or miss, but the page with the diagram and list of substitutes looks okay. It knows that I can replace an EL84 with a 7169, and knows that I can't replace a 7169 with an EL84. That's useful.

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Yes, I check one more time, it works.

Seems like there are no Russian tubes in database, this is reason why so stupid result in first try.

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They might not have data about Russian tubes to begin with. If you have reference info, it might be worth passing along to them.

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Here is datasheets of most Russian tubes, if someone is interested, only in Russian:


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