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ps audio statement power cord,any good?

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i can get one for $75. i need more cords for stuff and i can't be putting odin on everything 'ya know?

not the "sc", the "statement". some say the ferrite makes it super slow. others like it. what do you guys think? patrick82 had one but he sold it. i don't know what that should tell me.

worth $75 or nay?

edit: can i trust this?, http://www.positive-feedback.com/Issue10/xstream.htm

according to ps's website the new cables walk all over this one. please help me decide.

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friend brought it over. i have it on a lehmann for 3 hours now. fed by krell sacd standard with stealth dream pc.

it is indeed very slow as has been said everywhere. the clarity is amazing. ps audio themselevs said that was the trade off in this cable. i mean really slow.

would you guys value the crystal clear clarity for a cable that lags. given it is $75? new it was like $650. i think i can get used to it. the timning is very weird, there is no prat. you can hear a pin drop though. the background is the blackest i have ever heard.

i guess it depends what is important to you.

now ps audio says their new top cable does it all but then paul mcgowan does mention eventually they will top this one and so on. so i guess for 5 year old technology it isn't so bad.

it is not analytical. just slow and true.

worth $75, for the clarity or you could not live with the lag?
for that he will sell it i have no doubt.

i hope patrick82 comments here and does not speak like a robot for once

edit: after a while it does not seem that slow after all. it is like a weird delayed sensation. i don't know if i can stand it or not. it is super clarity though.

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i was hoping someone has heard this and can comment. he is going to put it on audiogon. i don't think i'd be wasting $75. i am sure he will sell it in a day. i just can't tell what to think of it. it is brilliant but kind of sluggish.

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I have a couple of PS Audio power cords and I am very happy with them. Mine are the XS Stream and Prelude which are the lower priced models. At $75 it seems like a good deal. Good luck.
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Some of my first power cords were PS Audio. I started with a Prelude which was a half decent cord for the money, and later moved "up" to the Statement you are referring to. It definitely was not worth the money, and didn't live up to any of the hype. It was far too big and too slow for a high powered speaker amplifier, and would be absolutely terrible for source equipment, or anything to do with headphones. The sound was slightly more refined than the Prelude, but was so dull and so slow that I sold it almost immediately.

The Statement has much better build quality than anything you could buy new for $75, but I don't think it's worth even that. You'll get better sound from other cords that sell used for similar money, like ESP or Harmonic Tech. One of the biggest bargains right now in used power cords are old Electraglides. The values have completely collapsed, and they are phenomenal sounding cords for under $200.
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Slow and dull were my impressions too. Keep an eye out for a used LAT International AC2 or a new Shunyata Daimondback for 125.00 from musicdirect.co will be better.
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Does an expensive power cord make a difference if your power bar is lets say a Belkin and not something high end?
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you guys are correct. it was just too slow. i let him keep it. ahh well.

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Originally Posted by .Sup View Post
Does an expensive power cord make a difference if your power bar is lets say a Belkin and not something high end?
Power cords should be used like a river flowing into a stream. The best should always be at the top, connected to the wall at one end and your line conditioner at the other, or a seriously good passive strip like a Synergistic QLS. From there analog equipment should get the next best cords, and digital equipment should get the cords that are left.

If you have a bargain special power strip plugged into the wall, plugging a Valhalla or Dream into it makes no sense.
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except if it is an isobar ultra. for the money people either love those or hate them. they have a pretty basic cord but they clean the a/c very well and isolate digital from analog to boot. the problem people run into is you really shouldn't pull more than 6 amps through them or you will indeed destroy the sound by saturating the filters. they are rated for 12 amps i think, but not for audio.

if you are going to have expensive power cords then you should have a distro with a iec as well imo. even though the isobar ultra will suffice sometimes. you can do better but not always for more money. for instance i think richard grey is just a very large isobar! the hydra is basicly an isobar as well with better spec components. at least it has an iec inlet though.

i have found huge gauge cords do not help source components,duh!

btw, i think the qls 6-9 is too long lol!

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The multi-layer shielding makes the background quieter which gives true clarity in the music. It gives the same effect as when ERS Paper is separated 1+ cm from the cable. The blacks become blacker and the whites become whiter. The shielding of Statement is very good, but the wire gauge is too thick which makes the music sound very slow, the bass is full because the bass transients blend together. It may sound acceptable the first half hour of listening but then becomes annoying. I found that putting Statement on the amp and an edgy cable (Nordost Vishnu) on the source was the best combo.
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i was thinking about the statement. i know companies have all kinds of marketing,engineering ideas or whatever. i won't even go there. how the heck do they rationalize a cable that has 6awg wire(a conserative estimate) and 15 amp terminations?

i don't see how anyone can explain the benefit of that design lol.

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I wonder if the following would be any good, for the money ... AudiogoN ForSale: AudioQuest AC15 H/W
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that is $39.95. there is a huge problem with counterfeit cables. i am not saying it is for sure. i don't know. it is "certainly" a grey market cable. those are not the connectors they use on that cable. somehow people get the bulk cable and terminate it themselves. not a factory termination. for $39.95 you couldn't go wrong, but what if it burns up? then what?

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A few years back I had a lower-end PS Audio power cord and one of the Quail upgrade cords obtained via a group buy here. I had a friend of mine over who was skeptical that wires could make any difference in the sound of a system. After allowing him to listen to my HD 650s/Gilmore Lite while swapping cords, he was dumbfounded because he couldnt deny that the cords were causing the sound to change (the overriding effect was the slowness/sluggishness of the sound when the PS Audio cable was plugged in).
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