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Seems like a common thing here that g/fs/wives dont care at all about audio gear. The thing that really gets me is when I do convince her to sit down to listen to songs SHE likes, she usually would listen to the first 20 seconds off, then pull the headphones off and start talking to me about something totally random like what date is certain appointments or if I've fixed xyz... another thing is while they are listening they would pause it whena youtube video they are watching starts to play ... sigh.. HAHA
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I empathize with everyone in the same situation.  Just recently, my wife agreed to purchase the HF2 for my early birthday present, which I'm anxiously awaiting delivery.  At the time it didn't make sense.  She too is trained classical pianist and has better ears than mine.  I was briefly entertained with hopes she would see the light,  when I had her listen to my RS1 and RS2 at the time to her favorite composers.  As expected, "sounds great.....when are you going to finish the dishes?"


I guess her justification on "splurging" comes from the countless hours of painting several large rooms in the house to her desired colors -and let me tell you my selective hearing was in full force on the color decision at Home Depot.  I wished I had my headphones on full blast. When I subtract the cost of the HF2 to the quotes of contractors to perform the work, I'm ahead by a very long mile.  I consider the gesture as belated payment for my lost evening and weekend hours of painting.  Proof that nothing is "free".

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I let my gf compare HD800 and D7000 for some minutes.

She first listened to D7000 and then HD800 and she said D7000's far better , more comfortable and fun.

She didnt like HD800 at all.

Several days later,I let her compare again.

This time started with HD800 and she said HD800's better. 


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My girlfriend likes my DT880 setup over my MS1 lol. They're not particularly in the same league but hey :p. Mostly about the soundstage

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I mostly get pity and concern when I talk about my gear.

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Headphones are a form of marriage counseling.

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Quite impressive that you actually got her to try out the headphones.

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