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Originally Posted by rocker View Post
Bare chest - bare feet - brown furry top hat
Don't forget the fur boa and pimp stick.
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Black hoodies and Grado woodies
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pretty much anything you like, depending on the shades. Brown corduroy is a common examples. Goes well with shirts that are white, pink, blue and jumpers of many hues as varied as red and grey. You are better off however to stick to a brown belt and brown shoes of some kind. Headphones need not be wooden to match though it is preferred in some quarters.
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dark brown pants match well with a dark brown jacket and a big brown truck filled with brown boxes
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I wear dark brown trousers as my 'school uniform' (I am a teacher). I tend to favour purples with them. In fact, my standard uniform is shirt/tie of whatever colour, and then a purple v-neck jumper over the top. That way, I almost never actually have to iron a shirt. Most of the time it's hidden under the jumper, and then if I ever get far too hot and need to take the jumper off... "Oh no, my shirt got creased under the jumper!"

But... *cough*... I digress. Plain colours, white, black, purple. Dark brown trousers go with most things, really...
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Originally Posted by Lazarus Short View Post
Obviously: the skid mark on your underwear.

I just could not resist.

Pics! Or it didn't happen!

Well let's hope it didn't
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Originally Posted by Turnaround View Post
What matches dark brown pants?

I mean, what color shoes, belt, socks, shirt/sweatshirt matches dark brown pants? Dress or casual.

This is one of those things that I've never been able to get a consensus answer on.

i guess in New York, you could try matching your brown pants by standing near red-brick buildings. White concrete plaster walls can be dangerous, as it reveals the true luridity of colour scheme of the beholder.

Nonetheless, there is an art to wearing brown trousers (in the UK, we refer to "pants" as trousers, whereas "pants" can refer to either Calvin Klein underwear, or if it is truly "pants!" then it is as good as the skidmark referred to above in underewear".

Brown being a complementary colour of red and blue, entails that the beholder has overdone his colour quota. Never wear any other colour, other than white or black with brown, unless you wish for an apparence akin to Mr Bean on a Tijuana pop holiday with al frescos and flowers. As brown trousers are neither black nor navy, and not necessarily dark enough to absorb light, unless that extraordinary and rich hombre tone of masculine brown, known as 'gaucho brown', the wearer of said brown trousers, risks drawing the gaze of strangers towards his trousers, to the point of fixation with either incredulity or disbelief.

This is why, any wearer of 'brown trousers', other than the exceptionally manly 'gaucho brown', needs to lighten up.

A cream shirt generally wears better than white, since white exposes the true ghastliness of brown, unless it is redeemed by virtue of being gaucho brown. Cream shirts however, need to be tailored well, particularly for metrosexuals wearing oversized headphones on the prowl. Visible pleaters on headphones, are as fashionable as front pleats on brown trousers, and flat fronts tend to square up to view, whereas baggy browns tend to bog out at the bottom end. So in summer, cream coverings on the top or slightly off-white, tend to soften the texture and contrast of the brown trousers.

With respect to footwear, there really is only one option. Moses sandals, exposing the toes, are de rigueur, particularly in summer. In winter, this combination may look certifiable, particularly with a cream shirt and no overcoat however remember that it is not necessary to purvey a matching combination of outerwear with such brown trousers. Footwear particularly gaucho brown chukka ankle boots or some of those exquisitely crafted Frye boots with the ornate wood carvings on the solid wooden soles tend to be preferred, since these obliterate any woman's view of the HORRID .... socks! Socks are the be all and end all. These expose, the sheer character (or lack thereof), of a man's aesthetics. Cover them up completely, so that no woman can judge your soul from your ankles. Lest of all, detect that you have secretly stitched "Left" and "Right" to remind yourself of which foot to put each into, or even worse - had your name embossed in stitching, so that you don't confuse your socks in the laundry with your mothers....

Finally, overcoats. Shorter pukka or puff wear tend to detract from brown trousers, being unsightly and fit only for the plebian pragmatists amongst us. Such coat coverings tend to render the wearer, vulnerable to both cross-winds when buffeted like a fat balloon, and to jeers from passerbys. Haut couture, it is not. Dufflecoats on the other hand, complete that retrograde 'preppy' look and throwback to primary school. These tend to smooth the transition between brown trousers, particularly in soft autumnal tones such as ochre, russet and worsted grey flannel. This completes the look of the upstate gentleman who is not afraid to assert his own personality in wearing brown trousers, yet is chic enough to pull it off without needing to resort to amateur colour collage, to pretend that he is truly not colour blind. Other favourite coats include wearing a combination of classic jackets in dull or matt, rather than shiny or crinkle crisp materials. The selection depends on the actual tone of the brown trousers, so choose with care. Choose with a girlfriend, or a mother, just to be on the safe side.

Alternatively, just buy a tub of black Dylon trouser dye and get rid of those friggin' brown pants!
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Whenever I wear brown pants I usually go with whatever I find lying on the floor of my room. It might not be the most fashionable way to go, but it'll keep you warm enough I suppose.
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a white shirt and some brown shoes with black stitching with a style that's semi casual dressy(Steve Madden Shoes). But if i had to, i would not go own a pair of brown pants, not a lot of work with.
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Orange flip-flops
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I wear my brown cords with dark shirts, black, green, or lighter shirts with large logos on them like band shirts/ect, brown belt.
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Originally Posted by necropimp View Post
dark brown pants match well with a dark brown jacket and a big brown truck filled with brown boxes
That's just "To Good" to add any comments !!!!....head-fi, filled with "creative minds"
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Brown pants are the real deal. Only real men with integrity wear it. I usually pair it with a black, green or a variety of tan shades. I personally will never wear white, but that pairs well enough.
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