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What matches dark brown pants?

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What matches dark brown pants?

I mean, what color shoes, belt, socks, shirt/sweatshirt matches dark brown pants? Dress or casual.

This is one of those things that I've never been able to get a consensus answer on.
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Originally Posted by Turnaround View Post
What matches dark brown pants?
Obviously: the skid mark on your underwear.

I just could not resist.
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This is definetly a difficult question. Brown is not a very good color for clothing, except on leather jackets or boots.

Its much easier if we would life in some fantasy world, then its easy: green. All kinds of nature-oriented colors, dark green and brown dominating. Elven stuff that is.

But IRL, brown pants. Damn. Brown shirt might be easier starting point, but pants...

*edit* Lazarus pointed out why brown pants is not a really good idea for clothing.
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A brown coat.
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Black! Quite tastefull colour combination IMO. A nice white shirt would also be a safe choice.
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For brown pants, match with a brown belt and brown shoes. If it's a lighter brown, you can wear a black belt and black shoes as well as dark brown shoes and belt.

For the shirt, go with a plain white. White works with anything. You can also try cream, eggshell, tan, etc. shirts to match.

And I think brown is a terrific color to wear. Not quite as formal as navy, gray or black, but it is conservative and looks good on pretty much anyone.
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white, black, beige, tan, any shade of brown, orange depending how u work it, sometimes pink depending on the shade of brown and how you mix it, yellow depending,coral.

If you work it right, anything up to 3 colours in the yellow to brown range of the spectrum....not the green to blue/violet side.
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Whenever I wear khaki colored pants, I wear bark brown shoes, black belt with black golf shirt or black short/long sleeve shirts.
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dark blue or dark green, I'd reckon
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All you need to do is get yourself a The Sims 3 and then experiment there, it will sort of give you an idea what matches what.
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I would go a sandy color. It would look quite nice.
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Google is your friend fashion advisor
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Depends on your eyes.

If you can pull off a yellow shirt, go with a brown coat and brown shoes.

Casual, it doesn't matter.

Formal, you're rather restricted.

For best results, ask someone you are attracted to.

This thread is worthless without pictures.
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For the shirt, I'm seeing a lighter blue color.
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Bare chest - bare feet - brown furry top hat
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