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any further developments on these mods?

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I can sugest a very easy mod. I don't think it is as effective as previous.

Last week I noticed that my HD800 become more brighter and their soundstage become a little bit blurred and flat.

I thought it was because their earpads become a little bit crushed up.

My purpose was to hold away diaphragms from ears and make them see into my ears at a larger angle (so that they sound more like speakers).

So, I find earpads of my old akg k26p. And cut out pieces of foam rubber and cut them (I just made them somewhat shorter) so that they can find enough room for themselves under HD800's earpads. You can also use any two pieces of foam rubber the same size.

ZN0ZotuK.jpg tCDi39hq.jpg

Then I insert them under back side (which are behind ears) of HD800's earpands. Now it looks like that:


After this the soundstage becomes slightly deeper and it moved a little bit further forward.

Bass becomes more legible in my opinion. It also seems that headphones now sound less brighter and more comfortable.

I didn't notice any negative effects in sound. Maybe the transparence is now a little bit worse, but I think it is because sound becomes less bright.


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Is this just a more subtle Anaxilus mod? May have to try both out and see If I can find a liking to my 800's.

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Actually, I believe the Anaxilus mod was based on this one. Or at least this one came first

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Thank you.

Have you dabbled in either, or both?

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After trying several variations of the anaxilus mod and then the mod that Tyll shows in his InnerFidelity video, I HIGHLY recommend Tyll's version.


It's cheap, easy, provides solutions to some known 'issues' and aids in presenting a much more satisfying musical experience.



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I think I have a few different options to go over. I'll have to look that video up, never heard of it until now. Thanks.


What are the known "issues" you're speaking of?

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For some there was a seeming 'lack' of bass.

For some there was a seeming 'glaring' mid-upper treble

For some there was a seeming lack of detail.


All of these aspects are improved in one fashion or another.


here is a link to the write up




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I wasn't really questioning you with doubts, if it came off that way.


I agree with all of these flaws, it's just my 800's were sidelined very early on. Though they have awesome soundstage and good detail, I felt they were boring and dull. Instantly regretted my purchase. And was pretty angry at the headphone, very personal. Lent them to a family member with no regard to ever getting them back. I am desperately hoping that 

a mod like this could allow me to enjoy what many refer to as a great can. Thanks again for sharing Tyll's mod. That's the one I am aching to try :)

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Tyll Hertsens / innerfidelity published this mod and the Anaxilus mod



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