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Sold a cable to him, prompt payment, and no issue at all. Would do business again,
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I sold him (real name is Brad) my much-loved Stax rig. His communication and cooperation were more than excellent. I wish I had an endless list of gear to sell to him. He's a Head-Fier's Head-Fier.
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Bought some HD600's from Brad. Everything was in great condition and came with all the accessories as promised (Even the cables were packaged extremely well in their respective bags and zip ties). Communication was VERY swift and on point. I think this is / has to be one of my best transactions on this site. Don't let his low post rate fool you, this is someone that everyone should do business with if given the chance.

Thanks again for the great deal Brad,

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Hello fellow Heads,

Dealing w/Brad was a pleasure.
Lots of product info, fair prices, & fast service.
What more could you want?!?!

Brought a "Flintstone" Earmax; in probably as good of condition a "Flintstone" could be.
Was shipped w/extra set of tubes & properly packed.
The price was sooooo good I felt like I was getting the USPS "priority" shipping for...

Enjoyed the entire process,
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It has been a pleasure dealing with Brad.

The condition of the item was carefully and accurately explained in the ad.
Shipment was very prompt, communication has been a pleasure, and he was being very helpful throughout the shipping process.

Thank you, and I will not hesitate to recommend him to any head-fier
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Great Seller, may be one of the best seller here in Head-Fi.

Communication, Shipping & Packaging was fantastically top notch!




Thanks Brad!

Recomended Seller

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