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Help me choose a new desktop setup.

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Hey, I've been wanting to setup a nice desktop listening system.

I'm 15 and don't have much cash, but I'm about to start a website design business to make some extra dough. (feel free to contact me if you want to be one of my first customers.) I am looking to find a setup that i can have as a goal to work towards. I'm looking to spend $250 to $350, on the entire thing. That includes: Headphones, Amp, DAC, or Amp/DAC. I've been looking at the Grado Sr80's or Sr125's. I already have an old Tecnics SU-V98 amp, that i found lying around the house, and some Bose 201's series II. The headphone out on the amp isn't bad so i might be able to use that? I currently have a Creative X-fi XtremeGamer Fatal1ty sound card, that i use for gaming. It's not that good for audiophile music though, alot of interference form other devices. My main audio player is foobar, most of my audio is in 320kbps mp3, and some stuff in flac, i use the WASAPI plug-in for foobar (if that helps.)

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated

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A desktop amp I recommend getting especially for grados would be the gilmore lite. It's quite expensive but if you could find a used one it would be about $200 which leaves you room for a DAC like a Musiland 01. Another thing to look at would be a DAC/Tube Amp combo, the HiFiMan EF2A. It's fairly affordable at $170 and I would have gotten this if it weren't for the fact I needed to use speakers as well. I'm not sure if you're stick with just grados or both grados and speakers but here's the review for it.

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thanks for the advice, The EF2 looks like an amzing little amp but it is true that i would love to be able to listen through my speakers too. I have heard that the Technics amp that i am using now would sound good with headphones. So do you think i could get by with just a new DAC and Grado's for now, or do you think its worth it to upgrade all of it now?
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It's worth getting just a DAC now. I would get either the Zero DAC or Musiland 02 then use the Technics amp for now. Both of those are DAC/AMP combos but using line out you can connect them to your own amp. You can split the line out to your Technics amp and your speakers.
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Thanks kite7, I think what im gonna strive for: some Grado sr125i's, a Musiland 02, and maybe if i get rolling, some Magneplaner MMG's. sound good to you?
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