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What's the inductor good for?

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So I found this picture of the HD600 driver and wondered about the inductor on the right side. Is this even an inductor? What's it do?

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No, it's a spring.
Inductors will have a lot more coils and generally an iron core.

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Not necessarily

But yeah, it looks more like a spring.
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It certainly looks like a spring. If it were an inductor, the coils would be tight together.
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It's a spring that makes contact with the pins on the cable plug. Not the most reliable connection if the spring gets stretched. There are some pictures here showing the springs and how the cable plug fits in.
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Those are some nice pictures, thanks for the link Ham Sandwich.
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I'm the owner of HD580 and HD600 from the era back when the intermittent connection problems were common conversation. I've heard my HD580 and HD600 cut out due to the poor connection. Fortunately I've never had to do the actual fix. I've got that page saved though just in case.

The HD650 cable seems to fix the problem. The HD650 cable plug fits more securely and doesn't wiggle as much. A wiggling plug stretches the spring. A stretched spring causes intermittent contact. Back in the old days I was wedging slivers of cardboard paper around the plug to keep it from wiggling.
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You had me there for a moment. Inductors are commonly used for first-order lowpass crossovers. I didn't think they'd work at this form factor (IEMs use a combination of capacitors and resistors instead). It would be hilarious if the HD600's secret were a low-pass crossover essentially filtering out some of the high end so that the bass could build up, but it looks more like this is being done mechanically, through pads and filters.
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