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Your 2010 musical predictions

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With 2010 just 4 hours and 9 minutes away (at the time of writing), I thought it would be a good time to post some of my predictions for 2010.

Here's mine:

1. The continuing rise of pop stars like Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus, and whatnot.

2. A new pop star shot to fame by the media.

3. A scandal involving a famous pop star.

4. Me getting new IEMs.

So, what's yours?
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More pop songs with no melody
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People realize that pop sucks and start listening to real music.
I spend way too much money on music and headphones.

One of these is definitely going to happen. Guess which one.
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Boy bands will make a surprising comeback.

This time, to critical acclaim.
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Radiohead releasing LP8.
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Is 2010 the end of loudness war yet?? I can honestly enjoy well recorded album by Lady Gaga
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I'll be spending too much money on Vinyl Beatles Remasters.
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I think (hope) all the X-Factor/Pop Idol/Rubbish will become less popular and hopefully come to an end.. it's run its course if you ask me. With the Christmas #1 thing (here in the UK) going to RATM rather than that dude from whatever show it was might just have put enough of a dampener on it to make the change.

I think pop music (all your Lady GaGa's etc, that pop music) will start to steer toward a more 50's style of music/writing.

I think either U2, Radiohead or Porcupine Tree wiill announce a break-up or some other big "negative" news -- Well, there's the 'hope' kicking in again

I also think I'll enjoy the new Joanna Newsom and She & Him albums when they come out in the next month or two.

C'mon 2010, don't let me down!
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Okay now I have a SERIOUS prediction...
A lot of new post-metal artists will emerge, and it will become a dominant genre of metal.
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In 2010 y'all be wearin' gold diapers!
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More musicians'll put out music only Blu ray discs in 2010[maybe we'll see Neil Young's 2nd Archives release too]
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VINYL.....VINYL.........VINYL Death to crap recordings!!!!!
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The Beatles will ink deals with iTunes and Amazon. People who have been waiting to pay for compressed files of their catalog will rejoice.
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Nothing will change.
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All girl bands will emerge but with Beatle hair cuts.
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