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Monster Turbine Pro Anyone? - Page 3

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Dobber, fantastic review! I currently own the turbines, and am deciding on a new set of IEMs. I have it narrowed down to UM3x, IE8, or Turbine Pro. I am happy with my turbines and the sony tips, but I am looking for a more liquidy, lush midrange, smoother highs, but don't want to lose the tight, robust bass. What would your suggestion be? How would you rate these IEMs on a scale of 1-10? Thanks!
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Good question regarding the Pros vs. the IE8s. I posted on jamato8's review of the Pros that the IE8s are a bit warmer than the Pros, but with equally clear mids and treble, and the soundstage is fantastic. The Pros have a bit more clarity in the midrange without being in any way harsh, very clear, natural extended/detailed treble, and tighter, cleaner, less intrusive bass than the IE8s and original Turbines.

It may come down to how warm do you like your bass, how wide do you like your soundstage, how clear do you want your midrange, and do you need replaceable cables. Both are winners, you can't go wrong with either.

I am fortunate I don't have to decide, but I absolutely can state that the Pros deserve to be considered in the top tier of universal IEMs.
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Dobber, great info. Very insightful. I definitely appreciate your comparison! One last question. How much more improvement am I going to see by going with the pros over the the original turbines? Is the bass still authoritative with slam?
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The improvement across the spectrum is noticeable, without losing that Turbine sound signature. The bass is tighter and goes as deep providing an excellent foundation, the mids are a bit more forward but not at the expense of the bass or treble, and the treble is clearer, more extended and detailed, and a bit airier. I really like the Turbines, and the Pros have improved (including the build quality) in every way.
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Monster PRO's vs. Turbine Originals?

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As far as i seen on the head-fi's Monster MD Appreciation thread it seems MD was a supposed balance between the gold and the coppers but hmm no one can say for certain and in couple of week's time i shall go down to Stereos (as I live in Singapore fyi =) ) and audition them for myself to compare =)

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