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Bought a Head Direct RE0. Almost wish I didn't...

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I have bought them for $79 from Head Direct because of all the good reviews here on Head-Fi but, after burn-in & amping, I am still not really impressed.

It's detailed alright, but it's sterile and needs a lot of tweaking/modding to sound it's best. It's an analytical little thing and never gets me "in" the music. I switched from flanges to hybrid olives and that helped a bit in the bass department but it's still "cold". It feels like scrutinizing your music through a macrolens in glass-diamond cabinets at a museum instead of rocking out, eyes closed/mind on oblivion, to your favourite band at a gig. Honestly, I keep grabbing my Fischer Audio's after a couple of songs on the RE0 and they feel much warmer with a wider soundstage and give me a more intense listening experience.

Also, with the RE0's I can't listen to my 192kbps rips anymore. The compression artifacts are just plain annoying because they're now so obvious. I understand this is not a bad thing or a flaw. Switching to FLAC doesn't make them more fun though. Just brighter.

I tried them with my Sony X1050, Cowon X5L, Foobar/ASIO4ALL/Tascam US122L DAC. Fiio E5'd it too. Don't tell me I need a $500 amp!

The weird thing is, I think I must be doing something wrong! All the reviews here are so positive it's like we're talking about a different set of 'phones. Does anyone have any suggestions to make them sound less like my old math-teacher and more like that hot chick from the tattooshop across the street? I mean, I can appreciate the detail but they sound so... distant?

All suggestions are welcome! Thanks in advance! This is a great forum and I wouldn't know what I'd do without it. Well, I'd probably go outside more. Maybe even go to the gym more often and join that cooking class. Maybe get a tattoo at the parlour across the street. Mmm...
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Find a phone that everyone thinks is audio gold. Nope, there's people who aren't impressed with the O2 or the HD800 etc etc.
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RE0 was too analytical and cold for me too, and extremely lacking bass wise. You just like fun sounds
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The Ibasso T3 amp helped out my re0's bass depth and soundstage but they sound like they aren't your cup of tea.
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I know it seems ****ty right now, but it's good that you got to hear these, and discover that they aren't your cup of tea. Now, there's a whole lot of headphones that you can eliminate from the running from your search for aural happiness.

You seem to be far enough along into this hobby to know what you should be looking for now. My advice would be to return {if not, flip} the RE0s, and find something new!

EDIT: ahaha, I didn't copy Poetik on the 'cup of tea' terminology, I swear!
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I agree with you ,RE-0 isn't everyone's cup of tea, it all boils down to personal preferences. They sound too neutral and flat, it's like listening to your music the way the artist created it in the studio.Something like monitor headphones/ speakers.
Going by your description of fun sounding IEMs and good soundstage I feel you should've got the RE-1. When amped they produce one of the most amazing sound stage and the overall sound is also laidback and fun .

My RE-0 have hardly done 30-40 hrs and I find them a little too bright right now,hopefully it will reduce after the complete burn-in . Have you tried the foam mod on the RE-0 , suggested by ClieOS ?

One more thing I would like to point about the RE-0 is , when you listen to your music with deep concentration and attention you realize how amazing they are, the minutest details it produces , the clarity and detailing is just too good and unmatched.
But if you are in for a more fun,casual listening then the RE-0 just don't cut in .
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rip the filters.
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Ipoodz, thanks for that reassuring reply! I feel better already. Cheers!

Faheem, thank you for your reply. You are right when you say the detail is amazing. This is absolutely true and this is something I wouldn't want to lose in a potential new IEM. I wish I could take the cleanliness and clarity of the RE0's sound but add some body, warmth and soundstage. I am a very concentrated listener but I think it's BECAUSE of that I miss the involvement and intensity so much. Now I keep analyzing and forget to actually enjoy my tunes.

jpzer0, I read that ripping the filters will make them even harsher. I guess this will also lower the resell value considerably. Did you try it yourself?
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If you want to keep the cleanliness and clarity of the RE0's sound but add some body, warmth and soundstage, you will be spending a good bit more on the IEM as you shoot for a Westone 3 or something of the sort
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Ah, now we're getting somewhere. The Westone's I should audition then. Any other IEM's I could consider? Not that I'm trying to turn this into another recommendation thread...
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Warmth and soundstage? Sounds like an IE8 to me! If it is within your budget, I definitely recommend looking into it.
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sold my RE0's for the same reason as you, and comfort issues too.
Bought JVC FX500's..much better (until the same comfort issues arose but thats me and my poor shaped ear canals)
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I think you're just used to a different presentation. What the RE0s for IEMs that cheap do very well, is get close to the source and sound very engaging to me. The bass isn't supposed to be any louder. It becomes unnatural. But no, they're not perfect. I find them lacking in playing pitches accurately. This is a problem I find running into with all of my portable equipment. Can't beat a Linn system
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Hardly anyone here has these, but read the reviews and see if you could try. Really great soundstage and 40 total on ebay. (last posts has link) I think the soundstage is so wonderful I have taken to listening to Disney soundtracks on cd this week : ) Scar from the Lion King is so theater immersive. I will become a one note member as I will recommend the Cyclones PR1 Pro over and over and over.
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I've read the two REO threads and I'm quite intrigued by these phones. Are they more detailed than the IE8's? Apologies in advance for hijacking this thread. ;-)
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