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I have around 1000 hours up on a 332s hd 650 combo, the 332 is solid as a rock and totally dependable. I believe the 332 series were designed using the hd650 as a reference and the synergy is excellent.


As for the "2011 new" tag I think they just mean it is a recent build as opposed to a unit from old warehouse stock as I have not heard of any revisions to the 332 series.


Concerning Little Dot, I had a MkIII and the 332s at the same time and found the 332s to be superior in every way so the MkIII was sold.

Also I have had quality issues with Little Dot returning faulty amplifiers on two separate occasions so can no longer recommend their products.


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Thank You for the information Dogmatrix.


I have already reduced the options to two choices only: 332C or 332S... smily_headphones1.gif


Someone can be so kind to tell me the measures of the 332s? It will not fit over my nightstand if it is too large. Also, I do not like the dual-volume control.


I am not concerned about paying more for the 332s, but based on what I have read so far, I understand that all the 332c owners are happy with it.dt880smile.png

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Dimensions for 332s


195mm front to back 220mm inc volume knobs 270mm wide and 155mm height


Dual volume control is unusual but nothing to be concerned about, they are easy to balance both visually and audibly with the benefit of better chanel separation and no low level imbalance.


As far as I know the 332c is virtually identical apart from slightly less capacitor value and the dual volume, so it would be down to which unit fits your space best.


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332S amp is using the Japanese output capacitor, 332C amp is using the EC output capacitor, 332S amp volume control is independent, 332C amp only a volume control, Two models of the amp used the same type of electronic tube.
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Thank You for the information. I have just ordered the 332C happy_face1.gif

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I've got my 332S going for $300 shipped in case anyone was looking for one.

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I have received today the 332C. Good packaging and very fast shipping.


I have a problem and I have already sent a question to the manufacturer, but I am wondering if anyone can give me some advice:


  •  I permanently hear a radio station at the headphones (music and news).
  •  Change of the volume potentiometer makes no difference. Even with the Volume at 0.
  • With no RCA cable connected at the inputs, I hear the radio at low volume (both channels, but louder at the right channel).
  •  With a RCA cable connected at the input, the sound of the radio is very loud. I have tried different cables of different sizes and qualities. Some of them make it louder than others; a quite long and very cheap cable makes less noise than a short cable of good quality.
  •  I have tried 2 different headphones: Sennheiser HD650 and MDR7509HD with same result: same radio sound.
  •  It does make no difference If I connect or disconnect a source to the input (CD player or Cowon J3 player)
  •  There are no radio stations close to my building.


I will appreciate any idea about what else can I try.

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If you can hear the radio sound, it may be the signal line to ground is not good, If you do not connect signal lines should not have a radio voice.

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Originally Posted by xmdkq View Post

If you can hear the radio sound, it may be the signal line to ground is not good, If you do not connect signal lines should not have a radio voice.

Do you mean that the female RCA connector may have a a faulty ground connection, inside of of the amplifier?


I have made new test:


  • No cable connected at the RCA input, volume pot at 20~100%, and there is radio interference. Even with the volume at 0% if I elevate the headphones cable.
  • Listening closely, I notice that there is more than one radio station at the same time; at least two. So the problem may not be the proximity of a particular radio station or frequency.
  • I have tried another audio devices and amplifiers at the same place, with the same headphones and cables (RME Fireface400, Fractal Audio Axe-FX and a Fender Stratocaster guitar with high gain and distortion) at the same place, and there is no radio interference.
  • I have placed ferrite rings at the cables (power supply, signal and headphones) and the radio is cancelled with an specific position of teh cables.
  • If I elevate the cables, the volume of the radio is much higher than the level to which I use to listen music. It is ear piercing.






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I am going to return the amplifier, although I love how it sounds. The size of the capacitor is not an issue for bass response and quality.  It is a perfect match for the HD650


I have tested the amp at my office and there is no radio interference. Also, there is absolutely no hum or background noise. Perfect silcence at maximum volume.


The manufacturer has been very supporttive and communicative all the time. The use of a translator is not a problem at all.


I do recommend this amplifier (as far as you don’t live in a radiophonic area) gs1000.gif

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I've just found that there is a group of antennas at the corner, about 50 m from here. I guess that there may be some FM repeater, and the Electromagnetic Interference regulations may not be the best in Thailand. I have cancelled the interference with the use of ferrite rings and a specific position of the amplifier and the cables.

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Does anyone know if all La Figaro 332C take both 110V and 220V input or does the buyer have to specify prior to purchase?

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Pretty sure there are 110v and 220v variants.


edit: I've got my 332S going for $250 shipped if anyone is interested.

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There are 110v and 220v for every DarkVoice or LaFigaro amps, just note them befor buying it.voltage can't be switched it's permanent fixed...
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I have been using a 332S with a NFB-3 as a source with HD650's and it's been great, pairs much better with this amp then my previous dacmagic. Anybody know what a fair price for a older revison 332S would be? I've had it going for $250 for a bit now, thinking about keeping it for a second setup since I don't have any humming issues.

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