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Best IEM for Metal music

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I'm getting a new pair of earphones since my Shure se310 cable cracked.
I really really liked the mid frequency in Shure's 310 but i found the treble rolled-off and lacking so is the bass so i didn't like their sound in general.

I'm looking for earphones that will really impress me, neither warm nor cold nor sibilant. I just want the right amount of treble and bass plus very accurate Mids that are neither recessed nor blushed with a very extended frequency response range and acceptable soundstage.

Price is not an issue though custom is not an option since I live in Egypt.
Comfort and seal is not an issue either, I know how to get a proper fit and none of the many eartips I've used ever made my ear irritating even when worn for over 8 hours straight.

I'm gonna be using those earphones with Archos 5 Android

Heavy Metal is my favorite music genre and with bands like (Arch Enemy, Dark Tranquility, Kalmah, Opeth, Moonspell, Metallica, Megadeth, Satyricon, Ajattara, Kamelot, After forever, Epica, Within Temptation) I find myself really unsatisfied as in almost every speaker, headphones, earphones I've heard there was always something missing either the Mids are recessed or the treble is either lacking or overwhelming, same goes for bass as the treble. And there was always that point when the music really gets complex and the driver/drivers start to struggle to reproduce the sound but eventually fail, rendering me in the presence of a teeth grinding distortion and noisy or muffled sound.

When it comes to Metal music everything is important duo to the heavy complexity of the structure of the songs. Cymbals must be crisp and must shine, Vocals must be clear, in the foreground and not overwhelmed by the instruments, Bass must be extended & deep but not overwhelming to be able to present the bass guitarsas long as punchy to bring the double bass drumming to front, and soundstage must be good to be able to separate the sound of all those instruments.

I also enjoy Post-Grunge music with bands like Creed, Godsmack, Seether, Three Days Grace, 3 Doors Down, Breaking Benjamin, Nickelback, Crossfade.
And sometimes some psychedelic Trance won't hurt.
I loved how the acoustic guitar shined in my SE310 in Post-Grunge.

I've done some research in the forum and here's what I've learned

1-Etymotic er-4p : Cold, analytical, flat, very crisp and detailed, Mids are clear, treble was too harsh for some people though it was just right for others, bass is extended but lacking on quantity. Soundstage is fine.

2-Jays q-jays : sibilant, shares a lot with the er4 but with a more harsh treble, more quantity of bass while not as much extended as the er4, recessed Mids when compared to er4. Soundstage isn't good and the sound tends to feel thin.

3-UE 700 : same as q-jays but more dynamic instead of flat but with less amount of bass and more recessed Mids.

4-Shure SE530 : Warm, Very good Mids, rolled of treble and bass, nice soundstage.

5-Westone 3 : same as SE530 with more quantity of bass.

6-Future Sonics Atrio m5 : Warm, some found the bass overwhelming, sound is more natural duo to the dynamic moving coil driver.

7-Ultimate Ears TripleFi 10 : same as the SE530 but with less bass quantity, more realistic treble, more recessed Mids.

8-Sennheiser IE8 : Huge bass, crisp highs, great soundstage, recessed Mids.

9- Klipsche X10 : Huge bass, rolled-off highs, recessed Mids

as u can see i'm so confused and I would really appreciate any help choosing between those or any other IEM's

Sorry for my post being that long and for my bad English
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For some odd reason, I am inclined to recommend the FX500 for you lol.
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If price is not an issue then there must be some way to get molds for your ears for customs. If you at all can get the JH13 Pros.

If you absolutely can't get customs you can at least count out the UE 700s - you may also want to add the Head Direct RE-252s. I think it mainly comes down to preference; is isolation important to you? It sounds like you want neutral phones. I would vote for something like the RE252s.
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No, isolation is not an issue either.
I don't care about any of the isolation, comfort, price or visual style.
I'm more concerned about the sound quality.
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I wouldn't say IE8's mids are recessed. Yes, they are somewhat laid back, but they are far from recessed. They have energy and sound natural.

That being said, IE8 . I went from Shure SCL4 to IE8s and the difference is mind-blowing.
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I think the SF5 Pro and TF10 Pro are great choices for heavy music.
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Exclude the ie8 from your list.while they shine with metal,trance,vocal trance,psytrance,techno...they won't fit your said you want crystal clear cymbals which they don't present.the cymbals decay too fast on the ie8 and lose that extra sparkle to make it fatigue-free.If you can pass this point,the ie8 is hard to neat in these genres,they don't lack treble,vocals sound crisp,bass extends deep..your other option that will suit you is the fx500 ,although the may be fatiguing for this type of music because of their treble and that they are bright phones.
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The IE8 is a perfect match with slower metal genres such as doom and gothic though. Can't beat that cavernous bass and wide soundstage.
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I love metal music too. And I have to say there is problem with records as well. Most metal bands albums, unfortunately, recorded and mixed purely in 7 of 10 cases. Especially from 80s. All my music is lossless or CDs. You can see this compare some of the olds with new Metallica albums. Not count latest one .
I had SE530s and hard stuff was sounds quite good on them but rolled off highs just drives me crazy. Always had to use them EQed. Within a week I'll get Triple Fi10s, so will let you know how they sounds with a metal.
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Originally Posted by mark2410 View Post
I would disagree entirely. The highs are far too piercing for metal on the FX500 without proper EQ adjustment.
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Originally Posted by MiG™ View Post
I would disagree entirely. The highs are far too piercing for metal on the FX500 without proper EQ adjustment.
X2.i think the ie8 is his best choice.
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i would go with the W3. it's really quick (a key feature especially for metal), good isolation, comfort (if your ears aren't too small ), very good decay, excellent detail, and it will offer a good performance in any other genre you may want to explore. the mid-bass hump is annoying to some, but i don't think it's that bad in metal
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Originally Posted by MiG™ View Post
I would disagree entirely. The highs are far too piercing for metal on the FX500 without proper EQ adjustment.
i really dont find it so
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Recommending IEM for Metal is a bit difficult, at least I think. While there are certain albums that shine with my TF10, others sounds like complete ****. The reason behind this is pretty simple, most of the early 90's and 80's band didn't have the money to afford good quality records so even though you actually own the cd, it won't make much of a difference, as a matter of fact I rather listen to Immolation's Dawn of Possession with speakers than with my IEM, it doesn't sound nearly as good, the IEM show how horrible the production is, that happens with a lot of 'obscure' albums.
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