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Top Customs and Differences - Help Make A Decision

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Hello there, I apologize for another generic thread but I, like the posters before me need some assistance.

Basically, I did alot of investigation in the summer on these forums for the top IEM sound - essentially I started with market buds (UE TF10s, Senns IE8s, Shure 530s, and Westone3s) but quickly found myself hearing from the forums the best sound comes from customs.

I'm sort of a...if I like something, and need something, save for the best kind of guy, so after searching comparisons of the UE11's, ES3X and JH-13's it seemed in the summer (or maybe a bit after the summer, for precision's sake) alot of people were favoring the JH-13's to even full size headphones.
Now, I'm not sure what's been released over the last 5 months, but I was wondering if this is still the consistent impression - that the JH-13's are still king.

As well, Having saved up for these phones finally, I just was hoping there wasn't like...a jh-14 or a ue12 coming out next month that will make me regret dropping my moolah too soon

Any help is appreciated.


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I believe that someone mentioned in one of the other threads that a JH-16 is supposed to be announced in January. So you may want to wait a few weeks. But other than that it seems like everyone really loves the JH-13.
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I am satisfied with my UE TF10's and I am currently saving up for the JH-13's as I am positive that they are the best IEM's on the market. As far as something new coming out, I have not heard of anything(except the JH16). The JH16 is an 8 Driver that sound like it will be best for Live Musicians.
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8 driver JH16??? Could any of you post up any info you have about these? Any idea where the gains are going to be adding 2 more drivers?

With that many drivers and a really good crossover, you could devote two just to sub-bass, two to bass, two to mids, and two to highs in each ear! You could even split the audio spectrum for each of those major categories in half, and devote one driver to just that half. That would be something else...

Somehow though (maybe because of my experience with the SE530) I fear that with two more drivers it will have probably have less bass and more mids and highs or something...

Anyone know what the improvement will be?
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I've been reading a lot of good comments about the UM Mages. Might be worth throwing into the batch for consideration:

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About Jh16, this is email from Harvey:

The 13 is still the best earpiece for your application(just listening to music).

The 16 is designed for loud bamds and would work for mastered music but is targeted at the live performance.

There is nothing in the near future that will replace the 13 in the audiophile market.

Best regards,

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The JH13 is the best, and will be for a good while.
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I would say the jh-13 is the best as of right now and until someone else releases a new iem it will stay that way. I have hd800's on my head right now and I am chuckling at the fact that a iem can produce that kind of sound.
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JH13 the best out there right now and my guess for the future of custom iem's it will be hard to beat Jerry Harvey.
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I appreciate all replies.

So, and I know this is purely speculation as the JH16 hasn't even been announced yet, but being an 8 driver system vs 6 would that still improve the sound of the mastered music over the JH13?
Or, if the previous posts that recommend for mastered listening the JH13 anyways, would the 13's sound better?
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