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If you say so....


I forgot, all digital sounds the same....wink_face.gif



Originally Posted by Teejaay View Post

its digital 0101010101010101010101010101010101010101011011010110101011010101010101010 cant be warm


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Cable`s ...all devices needs there break in time, thats`s why rich people turn there stuff back to the store "it doesnt sound right"

Stupid ones tongue.gif

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Originally Posted by Dutchamps View Post

All im saying is IF you use the cable with the adapter (bnc-rca) you still resieve those reflections.

IF you use the cable without the adapters strait to the devices then you got a good connection almost without any reflections.

So yes the devices need to have BNC to both ends, if you use any adapter then the reflections are back.

That`s all im saying wink_face.gif


(talking about those female connectors inside)

Yes i can de-solder those rca`s and replace them with bnc`s inside the DAC or Cd player, or any digital device.


How hard is to de-solder those rca`s and replace them with bnc? Can anyone do this?

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