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With my Zenos X3 I don't get hiss. I use my iPaq and the 40i player mostly. Really clean sound. I stream with the iPaq as well. Before I bought the headphone amp I had problems but not since.
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I can't get any hissing sound, unless I tunes the volume to extremely high which out of my ears' listening capacity.
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Currently I'd change my vote on this from "Hiss and annoyed" to "Hiss and not annoyed." There is a slight, slight hiss with the UM3X + RSA Shadow, but it is very low amplitude and pretty even-sounding (no large fluctuations).
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My setup is in my signature, I can't tolerate hiss, one reason why I won't get the ALORx.
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Hiss definitely annoys me. My shure se530s would hiss with my high gain desktop amp (PPA) and tube amps, so I built an amp for them (the AMB mini3). It is basically dead silent with the shures.
I also used to have an ipod touch gen1 that hissed a lot with the shures. Now I have the iphone 3GS and there is some hissing if you pause the music, but it is so minor that it does not bother me at all (in fact you have to listen for it) =)
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Because I use a LoD + amp I get no noise. (Although I do get some when I'm using the headphone out on my iPod.
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Originally Posted by shigzeo View Post
I have yet to hear a source (other than my old MD portables) which doesn't hiss with my most sensitive of earphones. Amps are the same. It does affect my enjoyment of the music, but not so much that I am annoyed overmuch. A few sources hiss too much for me to enjoy: Meizu M6, AMP3, Fireye I.

But my current setup: iPod touch: LOD: ALO Rx hisses, but not enough to put a stopper on the music. At least in hissing, it drives the iems properly, unlike the aforementioned AMP3 which otherwise, is pretty nice.
I felt the same way until I tried the tomahawk. It is the only amp I've tried that has no hiss with any of my headphones or IEMs. Unfortunately, even with a gain of 1, it is too loud for some music on some of my IEMs because the channel imbalance at the very beginning of the volume dial doesn't equalize fast enough before the volume gets too high for me.

I'm hoping the pico slim will be as hiss free, but with better control of lower volumes. That could be the perfect IEM amp for me.
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Originally Posted by kunalraiker View Post
I use Sennheiser HD 25-1 II with iBasso D4 and a portable mp3 player , have never heard a hiss.
strange. i auditioned a D4 and an iQube. the hiss on the D4 was so noticeable that i swore to myself that if ever i upgrade my PA2V2, it has to be an iQube nothing else. i really like the sound of it. neutral yet dynamic.

maybe it was just the demo unit of the store....
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I have an old quad 33/303 combo I sometimes use with a MM card, there is an faint yet audible hum but when the music kicks it is sublime sounding so it doesn't matter to me.
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double post
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No hiss in the audible range with anything i own. Id have to turn it up way too far to hear hiss, and even if it hissed, i have an inline volume control i can add, and if i put some resistance in the line with it, hiss is gone.
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