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I just followed guitarplayer 876's instructions for removing hairs and dirt from the driver and I'm pleased to say that it worked perfectly for me. I was considering buying a new driver for my DT770's and decided to have a go at taking them apart before I did, which is when I found this thread. Saved me a few quid, well happy :)

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Cheers to all whom used my Technique! :) 

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Hey guys, I screwed up a little removing the hair, dont ask how, but I removed by accident the paper that was glued on the top of the black plastic housing. Now, I still have that piece of cotton/paper in one piece, a little bit banged up but still, in one piece. My question is, is it vital to have it back on? Can I just glue it back again? (reason I'm asking this, because as I mentioned it looks a little worn out, cause of the glue) And finally, maybe theres just a replacement?

P.S. Dont get confused, I'm talking about the paper around the driver, not on it.


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I love HeadFi. 


Suffer in silence for years and then think "I'll bet someone out there has the same rattle/buzz on their set of DT770s". Type the question into my internet search engine, and no surprise at all, the answer is here. Thank you guitarplayer876. I didn't even need to take them apart: I've got an old pair and the foam covering across the driver that's attached to the earcushion has disintegrated (I know, I should buy new earcushions; maybe I will now my headphones are working fine again!). I got out the magnifying glass and there were TWO hairs actually protruding out the front of the driver grill. Got the tweezers, pulled them back out. Hey presto, no rattle. 


If I get one again, I'll know where to look. But my small contribution to the thread is this: before you take them apart, check the obvious: see if anything's visible at the front. The only reason I didn't go looking there before is because it sounded like something had come loose in the back of the cup, so I took them apart a year ago, searched for any foreign/loose objects, found none and put them all back together only to still have the rattle. 


Thanks again!

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This is a great thread!  I was terrified of ruining my otherwise perfectly working headphones.  But from 14hz-120hz I was getting the rattling, and it was terrible in movies which seem to have a constant baseline.  This gave me the confidence to dive and it and worked great!  My diaphragm was covered in hair!  This is what I get for having pets.


I can update with pics of a very cat-hairy driver when I get privileges...


Thanks Guitarplayer876!

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