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Ah hell, I hate this feeling. Fathers & Sons, step inside...

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I feel like such an idiot, worse buyer's remorse I have ever felt.

This Christmas, I told my parents the ONLY thing I wanted for Christmas was the HE-5, EF-5 combo. I told them I would pay half, as that, obviously, is a very expensive Christmas present, and I understand that. That said, my family is pretty well off, and that is not outrageous at all. They could not, for the live of them, understand why I wanted another pair of headphones. (can I get an amen?) Anyway, we talked, and they finally came around to it. I might have been a little flustered at the end of the conversation, but I did my best not to show it.

Anyways, I held off ordering for a couple weeks (first mistake), till 2 days ago. Right as I was about to order, my dad (whom I am very, very, very, very close with) asks me what I what I thought about getting a shotgun instead. Filled with euphoric HE-5 comments and still a little flustered about their inability to understand audiophilia, I somewhat disregarded the comment and told him I was just about to order, and we should do the shotgun next year, after I've figured out what I really like in a shotgun.

Well, the first stage of buyer's remorse hit me there; pre-buy remorse. I spent another 2 hours or so looking at reviews of the HE-5, and they were so glowing, I found it impossible to resist. I felt bad turning down the shotgun, but I REALLY wanted the HE-5. So, credit-card in hand, I ordered the damned thing.

All was well and good until about 3 hours later, my dad called and jokingly asked if I had picked out a shotgun. I joked and he asked me what was for lunch, and he hung up.

Then I thought back. Ugh. To give a little background, my father and I are both avid firearms enthusiasts. Him more shotguns than me, but nonetheless, we enjoy shooting together very much. During the summer (when it is not cold as all hell), we spend most every weekend at the gun club. We had talked a little about getting a shotgun for me, but I hadn't thought about it.

As I look back now, I think of all the times my father and I could have with that shotgun. Even if I really like the HE-5, it will be a bitter sight in my room. Head-Direct does have a return policy, but this is my fault, and I don't want to abuse it. Ugh, ugh, ugh. I think I'm going to sell them as soon as they get here and go pick out a shotgun.

What do you say Head-Fi? Keep the headphones, wait a year, and get a shotgun? Sell the headphones, get a shotgun, maybe upgrade the setup next year?

Sorry, I know nobody wants to, or is going to, read this, but I need advice.

P.S. One small possibility is that my father has been talking about upgrading his audio setup recently, so maybe he'd be willing to take the Hifiman stuff as his purchase. (assuming he liked it of course)

: frown::f rown:
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I say shotgun, it'll make your dad happy.
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Hard choice, but I think I have to agree with logwed, get a shotgun. Just save up some more and buy the audio gear yourself later or something.
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Well, look at it this way. Can you kill ducks with a pair of headphones?
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Originally Posted by logwed View Post
I say shotgun, it'll make your dad happy.
Agreed, and to a certain degree...you, at least in the long run. Actually, as a Father, my son bought me a rolex, I did not want a rolex, you think I let him know that? He has made huge money being deployed so often, what you gonna do.......enjoy the times with your dad. My son and I are close also.
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Headphones never got anyone to the moon, guns have.
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hands down the shotgun, it's not only something you enjoy but can enjoy with your dad. you have a good setup right now with some flexibility so you can wait a little longer until you get some more headfi gear.
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hey wait, is that food on my table?
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Tell your father you would like the pair of you to get a matched set of Holland & Holland Royal Deluxe.
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Shotgun, ftw! It is louder, faster, has tighter and punchier sound comparing to any dynamic/stats/orthos headphone ever made, including those HE-5.
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I say get the shotgun, then bring your father, grab some stockings on the go, then visit someone you know who owns a HE-5.
Win win situation, and you can get closer to your dad too. Father & son bonding. And if you get caught, you can also spend a long father and time son behind bars. It's pretty much a win win win plan, there's no downside to it.
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I'd have to go with the shotgun. More sentimental value will be placed on the gun than the headphones. Probably a better gift idea, as you will use your gun with your father, as opposed to listening to music alone. Just my 2ยข.
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Why does your decision have to account for your father's wishes? You participate with his hobby, why not him with yours? I'm guessing your father and you have multiple guns? If you shoot target, how many guns do you need?

What do you want more? If you sell your existing gear, can you get your hps/shotgun?
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easy choice. return the headphones.
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It sounds to me like you've been given anything and everything you ever wanted as a child and now as a young adult. Buying the headphones seemed pretty selfish to me but I was raised in an age where entitlement was a four letter word. You should have done the shotgun thing. You owe it to your father.
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