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ADDIEMs overrated?

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I got a pair of addiems for xmas after all the hype. I have to say that I am really let down by these things. I don't know who was making all these recommendations/reviews.

These things are definitely genuine as they came from an apple store new.

They just aren't clear at all, just not detailed, there is nothing special about them. I get distortion even at low volumes. They don't have any strengths in either treble or bass, as a matter of fact i feel them lacking in both. They sound like my 10$ koss iems. My 40$ re2s + fiio e5 blow these apart.

Ive tried them with a few different sources as well as amps and I am really disappointed.

Does anyone have any input?

Maybe they need some break in but idk.

I have experience with: ahd1001, ahd5000, head-direct re2, triports, akg 271, etc.
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If you pay full MSRP for it, then I'll say it is worth the price but not particularly high in price/performance ratio. You need to understand many of us get our ADDIEM from early eBay deal which is around $30 each (that is why we love it). Also, RE2 used to be around $100 before Head-Direct is cleaning out stock. Personally, I find them both to be the same class, each with pros and cons of their own.

BTW, the stock eartips really suck big time. You will need some good eartips to get good sound from it, i.e. Sony Hybrid eartips.
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Even for full MSRP, I cannot say they are not competitive in the market. At the 80$ price, a lot of companies put out 'okay' products. It isn't like they all are the Nuforce NE7M. But, any earphone will have its fans and its non-fans.
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Originally Posted by pHEnomIC View Post
They just aren't clear at all, just not detailed, there is nothing special about them. I get distortion even at low volumes.
That doesn't sound like my ADDIEMs at all. I'd definitely say mine are at least a match for the RE2 detail-wise, especially in the treble. No distortion here at listening volume, either.
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x2 on lack of distortion at low volume, and improvement with tips.

The only setting I've seen them recommended in is when a person wants something in the sub-40$ range, and is interested in clarity/detailed sound. When recommended in that vein, it's not overrated.

Sorry you're not happy with them!
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Are you getting a proper seal? Like the others, mine sound quite good.
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I dont know who was doing all the recomending either. What type of music were you expecting them to sound excellent with? Did you convince someone to buy them for X-Mas, or did you go buy them yourself?
Some would call them "underrated", but definitely not "overrated".
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Considering they retail the same - or a little more than the RE0, they are definately overrated.
Considering however that they retail for $105 in Greece, while you can get the RE0 and the fiio e5 shipped for this money, then they are not just overrated, they're not even worth it.
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I bought mine for $90 retail. I don't regret it as they sound perfectly fine to me. The mids are slightly lacking, but I'm fine with that.
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i own both the ADDIEMs and the UE Triple.Fi 10s, and enjoy them both for different reasons. The ADDIEMs have a more warm, musical tone, while the Triple.Fi 10s are way more analytical, which is something you have to learn to enjoy. I get no distortion at all even at high volumes with the ADDIEMs and the bass is good for me as long as I keep a good seal. The highs seem crisper and warmer than my Triple.Fi 10s, and the frequency response graph is better on the ADDIEMs but the soundstage is nothing compared to the Triple.Fi 10s. I got the ADDIEMs for $60 from Apple Store (hookups) when they first came out so I definitely am not complaining compared to the price of the UEs [: just my two cents. maybe you got a bad pair and should exchange? my stock ipod earbuds distort on hot sources but are clear on my IEMs.
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Give youself some time to get used to the sound signature. Maybe it is not your taste, that's all. Don't feel bad, someones do like the almighty H800 even it costs $1500; your ears don't lie.
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IMO, the ADDIEM is one of the tuffest IEMs to get a good fit with, as for me there is only a small sweet sport for insertion depth. It took me a while when I was using them to consistently get that fit.

On a side note, I do think they are great for the $35 I got mine for, but at $80, I don't believe they are competitive with many other IEMs I have heard.
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For me, I always get triple-flanges and cut them down to bi-flanges. They always fit perfectly no matter which set of IEMs I use, e.g. SE530, SF5P, ER6, ADDIEMs, etc.
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I didn't know how bad the stock tips were until I tried hybrid tips. However, there was no distortion even with the stock tips.
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How are these headphones cuz ive seen lots of people saying that theyre good and bad as i have seen the same thing for the Klipsch image s4i and the clarityone audio headphones.  I am planning on buying either the ADDIEMs, the klipsch S4i, or the clarityone audio headphones.  can someone help me choose because im stuck and cant choose which headphone to get.

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