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My fake Shure E2C

They came new in a couvert and just with medium sized silicons. They did not even fit my ears
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Originally Posted by Kernmac View Post
Lists are just lists and very subjective IMO, and will always be open to disagreement.

boomana, you include the AD2000 on your 2nd tier list, therefore in your opinion the AD2000> Edition 7, 8 and 9 and RS1, GS1000, MS Pro and Sony SA5000, top end Denons, several vintage ATH woodies - Not sure everyone would agree with you on that one.

I know you mention "when you heard them on Ironbut's Reel-to-Reel with master tapes source and an Eddie Current Zana Duex," but one would have to conclude that some of the others mentioned above might give the AD2000 a run for their money on such an equivalent dream rig. That is without even mentioning the CD3000 in comparison with said mentioned other headphones not on your list.
My post, as I thought I indicated, was about how each headphone sounds in the best rigs for that headphone that I've heard. I put the AD2000 on that list because they scale much better than every headphone you've listed, but in every rig I've ever heard the following headphones with, including ones I don't consider the best, I'd still put the AD2000s over all Ultrasones, including the Editions 8 and 9 (never heard the 7), over the RS1, and over all AT Woodies. I really dislike the D2000s, think the D5000s are really good headphones (modded and stock, but are limited in comparison to the headphones I named. I've never heard the 7000s. I admit all you mentioned have good and even excellent qualities, and can be quite wonderful to listen to, but imo, don't/can't reach the level of the headphones I named in even the best rigs. I'd put them on a third tier, along with the HD650s and 600, which are headphones I love.
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Originally Posted by boomana View Post
There has been a commonly agreed upon list of contenders for a long time, and a few new additions recently. Most people who have experience with all of them will acknowledge that they're all great, but it depends on the entire rig, not just the headphone, to bring out the best sound, and then it's a personal taste thing. For example, I've heard the O2s MKI or II sound blech from some rigs, yet I think they're one of the best headphones available out of mine. I've had the R10s for a few years, and love them as much or more than any headphone I've heard, but realizing that I was never going to build the ultimate rig around them, I chose to sell them them.

Not listing the excellent sources for the time being, imo, these are the best headphones in these rigs:


Sennheiser HE-90 (Headamp Aristeaus or SinglePower ES1 as amp)
Stax Omega (I've only heard with the ES1) - stunning
Stax O2 MK1 (Headamp BHSE)

Second tier 'stats (imo):

Sennheiser HE-60 (I've only heard with an ES2)
Stax O2 MK2 (BHSE) - in production, but I prefer MK1 due to better balance, imo
Stax 404LE (BHSE) -- new model. I prefer the O2, but these are wonderful

SinglePower is now out of business, and Stax amps don't cut it. Headamp BH and KGSS and Woo GES amps are second-tier choice amps for Stax, if a BHSE isn't an option. I haven't yet heard any 'stats with the Woo WES, RSA A10.


Sony R10 (SinglePower SDS SE, SinglePower SDS XLR, RSA B52) - My favorite dynamic headphones ever. For amps currently available, they sound really good from a Blue Circle.
Sony 010 (love out of my seriously tweaked SinglePower Extreme Platinum) - these are the only dynamic headphones I currently really want, but they're difficult to fit to hear right. If anyone has an excellent condition small size they're willing to part with, pm me.
Grado HP1 and HP2 (Frank Cooter's home brew GM70 amp or Luxman P1)
AKG K1000 (Foo-me's Zanden amp, or SP Extreme Platinum or Eddie Current Zana Deux as preamp to FirstWatt F1)

Second tier dymanics (again, imo only):

Grado PS1 (really amp dependent, love out of Eddie Current HD2)
AudioTechnica L3000 - not my fav, but should be worthy of listing. Perhaps I've not yet heard them in the best rigs
Sennheiser HD800 - best rigs still being learned. I've enjoyed them best so far with Luxman P1, and Woo 22. This is all single-ended. I quite liked them at CanJam when balanced out of HeadRoom's rigs, but had never heard them before, so don't have any real reference points for comparison.
AudioTechnica AD2000 - really rig dependent and very revealing of source. They entered best of the best only when I heard them Ironbut's Reel-to-Reel with master tapes source and a Eddie Current Zana Duex, but shows what they're capable of doing.
Sony CD3000--if you're not sensitive to treble, these are amazing (loved outta a couple Woo amps and my SP)

There are quite a few excellent dynamic amps available that I've never heard or haven't heard with these or other headphones, so my list is based only on my experience and preferences. Plus, these headphones all reveal source changes, and when you're not familiar with either source or amp (listening at a meet or to a friend's rig), it's difficult to place emphasis on any one component and break down the qualities.


JH13s-- these changed everything for me as far as what a portable can sound like. Absolutely amazing. Can they compete with the best of the best full-size rigs? No, but we're talking $8,000-$30,000 plus rigs. Can they wipe the floor with most mid-priced rigs? Yes. I consider them the absolute best-bang-for-the-buck audio purchase available outside of the Koss portapros and KSC-75s. Looks like some people have had problems with fit, so need a good audiologist and some luck as far as that goes. Once the fit's right, they're amazing, even without an amp. Portability is a huge plus.
Great list. I have owned all the dynamic headphones listed (except the Qualias) and find them all to be terrific in their own regards. I would add the HD800 to the top tier headphones, especially balanced. Listening to them balanced via the TTVJ 307A is a sublime experience.
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HE90/R10 or more affordable HE60/HD800
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