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Originally posted by joelongwood

My main concern in this whole affair is that Jude may see fit to strip me of my title "Keeper of the Phones".............I obviously have failed at my task.
Let's see, your dog ate 3 out of how many pairs of headphones, plus you are replacing those with 2...so the net loss is 1? I do believe your title is safe.
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Man, I sure wish I could buy FOUR etymotics, just like that...

Hmm, I did break one of my earbuds by stepping on them, my 848s. Good thing those were 848s, no loss

No pets around the house either... well hmm, then again *looks at brother*
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Damn -- really sorry to hear about that. My dog got a hold of my SR-80s and just munched the foam into pieces. I'm certain my dog was poopin' some Grados pads. My cats have nibbled on the SR-80 cord a bit too -- but didn't puncture it.

If my cats got a hold of my Ety's, which I know they'd love, I'd definitely go nuts. You are a true animal lover, and I commend you for that. Hmm.. all of this gives me an idea.. maybe I'll feverishly rub a Milkbone up against Jude's HD-600s and watch his dogs go wild.
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Hey Joe, would your dog be interested in some Koss pro-plugs for dessert? I made the mistake of buying the things right after they came out and I haven't figured out how to creatively destroy them yet. I figure that your audiodog could do a taste test.
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Oh, I know all about teachers and (lack of) money, because my parents were both teachers at one time, and still work for the local school system back home. Talk about under-paid!
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The only thing my dogs ever chewed of mine was a pen...and since it's barrel was made of wood, I can't really fault them for confusing it with a stick. However, 21 hours after I purchased Salvatore my Italian Greyhound, he broke his leg. 3 operations and $1,500.00 later, he was nearly as good as new and still worth it.

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What did the dog cost?
The dog cost $800.00 . So in less than 24 hours he cost me $2,300.00.

It's not as bad as it seems however because this is Canadian dollars. In U.S. dollars I think it's about six bucks.
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Is that a huge gray RAT on your sofa?
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mbriant said...

It's not as bad as it seems however because this is Canadian dollars. In U.S. dollars I think it's about six bucks.
Got a funny story about this, hope it doesn't offend the Canadians here. One of my friends went up to Canada (don't know which mountain) w/ a group of people (all Americans) to go skiing. Well, when they went to rent equipment, they were told the prices in Canadian dollars. One of the less intelligent individuals in the group blurted out, "So how much is that in real money?"
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Is that a huge gray RAT on your sofa?
Actually, it's a large mouse.
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What mouse?
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Originally posted by shivohum
What mouse?

The $800 one...
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The mouse that I can just picture saying, "Yo quiero Taco Bell!"
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