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I've been looking for any impressions on these upstarts, but as far as I can tell nobody has written a proper review... They obviously put a lot of effort into aesthetic design, but I have no idea as to what they sound like.
Store link.
Box art
That said, I've been looking for a new pair of portable phones, and the fold-down design and fabric cord are enough to convince me in that area at this price point. My hopes aren't too high but I'm willing to bite the bullet on this one.
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So, what happened?
Did you buy them?
I'm thinking of getting a white plattan for a friend of mine as a gift, because they look beautiful, but it would be a good thing if they also sound decent....
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Sorry this is a little late; they sounded terrible, I ended up giving them to my sister.
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they look kinda wesc for me
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They have FR charts on the main page, and they don't look very good. Though, personally, the only thing that looks any good about them is their main page, and even then it's kinda cumbersome. It looks nice, but it doesn't seem to work very well.
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Ahhhgh... can't believe I bought these on a whim while I was in Sweden (note to ...everyone: never buy headphones you have never heard of on a whim).

I'm by no means qualified to judge these (have a black Plattan), as I couldn't tell you the diffference between good treble or bad treble or whatever. But these were so disappointing, my first over ear pair so maybe that impacted a little bit. No difference after burn in either and pretty mediocre isolation - but on the plus side they have a really 'cool' cable which is made of fabric.


But still this is a big fat no. Ugh.


Would love to see a review though :P


- Chi

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The chart on HeadRoom is worse:




Granted, charts don't tell all...


...okay, I can't save this one. Have you ever seen the right side of a graph ramp down like that before? Its "treble spike" is -15dB.


I suppose the point of these is style. Except that, IMHO, they're ugly as sin.

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Why on earth would they post that embarrassing curve on their site? Just because they think people like graphs, and don't know any better?


People need to not fall for pseudoscientific bull.

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The one on their site is, sadly, the better of the two. It seems to promise some treble energy, at least up through 5kHz. HeadRoom is nowhere near so optimistic.


Notice, too, that the gradations on the chart are in 10dB increments. The curve appears flat to somebody who doesn't read the labels.


Indeed, it's put there because it looks technical and official, and because the vast majority of the buying public would have no idea what it means, but would interpret the company's candor in posting it as assurance that it's a good result.

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Originally Posted by Sabrage View Post

Sorry this is a little late; they sounded terrible, 

Yeah...i was expecting this kind of reply. My cousin bought a pair and he was disappointed. 

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Too bad, because I think the design was actually pretty handy-looking... If they sounded good, they would be decent portables...

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This review is not exactly a rave..


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I picked these up at the rental company I use for sound recording equipment, for a commercial that we shot yesterday. I work as a production sound mixer for film and TV. I'd never seen the Urbanears before, but was thrilled about them, with the fabric cord and headband, in addition to that the cord is attached to one of the ear pieces only. I really liked the low key, no frills design. The guys at the rental company was surprised, because they didn't know where the headphones came from.


Alas, after my "line check" to see to that all of the equipment was in ship shape, I only needed a couple of seconds listening to determine that the sound quality of the Urbanears didn't live up to their looks. In fact, they sounded so bad that I was reluctant to giving them to the director...  

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I got a pair of these for free with another pair of headphones I bought off Craigslist (I still think I overpaid for them).  I took them apart, pulled the cotton from behind the drivers, and used some side cutting pliers to remove the center of the plastic disc covering the driver.  Greatly improved the sound from stock, but don't live up to my other headphones.  I gave them to my 19 month old daughter.  She has yet to connect them to any source, but she sure loves to drag them around the house by that fancy fabric cord.  :beyersmile:

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