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well they just climbed the fences and they just loved to outdoors so it would be cruel to leave them chained, it was a risk and it didn't pay off well and 2 were in the same month and 1 fell asleep under the car so the neighbor never saw her. I always lived in the city and it's just something that can happen.
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i am sorry for all your losses. it might be selfish but i do not let them outside unless i have them on a leash. i wouldn't want to lose them that way. i consider them domestic and not wild even if that serves my own best intrest better than theirs. i don't know.

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Oh my god how did i miss this topic. Her name is Katie, she is 4, she is a fatty and incredibly needy, if she could she would live ontop of my head. Her favorite playtoy happens to be my Sennheiser HD 485.

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Joannie asked me to bump this thread.

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:3 cats ftw. dogs get annoying too easily lol. so does my cat I guess. she pushes open my bedroom door which has a door wedge slammed underneath it at 6am, expecting breakfast. 

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Never thought we would have a Cat-Fi thread as well over here.

Well, meet my three bandits ...


Louise: FV, we got her at about one to two weeks old, left to die on the street. She needed a lot of care and we had to raise her with a little milk bottle but now she's as strong as they get. The sweetest thing ever and while the smallest of the three she doesn't let anyone pick on her. If you can't find her she's probably hiding in the kitchen. Likes to sit in front of the computer. I mean right in front of the middle of the screen.


2010-03-25 at 17-19-21.jpg2010-01-01 at 13-29-29.jpg


Kira: Russian Blue. Royalty shows with this one. ;) But very kind of heart and helped raise the others all she could. Professional thief and hides in closets. Brings you the brush if you don't brush her on time and runs around with all kind of housekeeping attributes. Calls you when she needs to be caressed. Luckily, she's the boss of the pack.

2010-01-03 at 11-31-32.jpg2010-01-04 at 17-53-06.jpg


Naia: Original Siamese/Thai. Bandit and clown, can fly as well. Usually is the one who did something wrong but never seems to know anything about it. Runs very hard, a pity the brakes don't work ...;) Always comes sitting on the edge of the bath or gets into the shower with you. Eats twice as much as the others but doesn't gain an ounce. She had to wear that red suit when she got sterilised as she decided to take the threads out herself. She was as stiff as a wooden plank when wearing that ... man was life easy then. ;)

2010-04-07 at 09-07-38.jpg2010-01-17 at 20-16-59.jpg

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Two Cats; Nala and Sixten. Will post pictures soon enough :)

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How do you keep your cats from jumping on your amplifiers? I have a crowdy room so I only have one placement and it´s by a window. So very attractive for the cats to jump upon... I can´t really cover them since they dissipate so much heat would preferr some other solution. They seem to be to old to care about my shouting ;)... I don´t dare to spook them to much when they are near my tubes either.... Was less of a problem when I only had more solid solid state amps.

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My cat ran away and never came back. I think someone took him from me. They left a message that they have him but did not leave a number or an address

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Max with his "I'm listening for MP3 artifacts" look.




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This is Lenny "Kravitz" Pussy

I found him in a newspaper ad from a local cat rescue shelter.  Honestly, who in their right mind would ditch a maine coon?

He is the greatest pet I have ever had, I feel very lucky to have found him.




Rainy days are boring...


Lenny is good at sleeping...


There is also his arch-nemesis: Binx


Binx is insane, seriously...he is.


He is an Abyssinian.  He hates Lenny and Lenny hates him so they must be kept separate.  My family got Binx first and we thought another cat would help balance him out...  it didn't work.

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My 9 year old (in human years) tabby cat, Maddison.

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