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Sometime when I can afford it I'll be looking as well.

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Neena and the Amazing Porta Pro's. She was wondering what all this Deadmau5 stuff was about. biggrin.gif

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Daughter's Kitteh... Chico Horhay Ramirez

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Here's a not-so-recent photo of my cat. She makes a great subject for portraiture.

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Hooray for kittehs!


But really, nice cats! I really dig the b/w photo.

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Thought I would post a picture to keep this thread alive biggrin.gif




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Mike & Joannie



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Neena, sleeping with a twist.

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There was a study done a few years ago on the architecture of cat's brains. Apparently the physical shape of a cat's emotional center i uncannily similar to humans. That might explain why so many of them have a F*%#@ U attitude and why they are harder to win over but when you do they are incredibly loyal. I have owned two awesome moggies and it rings true for me. Dogs are all "hey boss, look at me boss, where is the food boss" whilst cat's are like "yeah !! So what, i'll let you know when i am interested"

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I don't care if your Stax cables are high voltage. They're also delicious!

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Some old pics of humaneatingtiger.




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Micah chilling on his back :P.


My lazy-ass cat ;).

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Great photos of cats! I love them had ours for 20Yrs pampered beyond belief. Anybody that looks after their pets as the photos show cant be a bad person. 

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