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Aww... sorry to hear that. Yes, one gets very attached to those little furry purry beings... Sorry for your loss.

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Very sorry for your loss oqvist.

It's never "just a damn cat" in my humble opinion.

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So sorry, ogvist
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Another pic of Wedhi. Now she sure looks cute here, but she's quite the devil and the house's bats' worst nightmare. Yes, most people have cats that catch mice. She catches bats. Strong the force is with this feline Jedi.

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So sorry for your loss oqvist. At least try to find solace in that your cat must have had a happier life with you than without.



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It's never "just a damn cat" in my humble opinion.


They never are. I still mourn for this notorious, huge, muscle-bound tom that used to steal food off my cat's outdoors bowl, even pushing him out of the way with me standing right there, but I grew to love that cat. After he learned that I'm not out to kick his ass I got to the point that he would sleep under my lawn chair while I'm on it, and on it when I'm not using it. He was one of the best outdoor cats ever, until I just found him with what looked like canine puncture marks on his skull, next to my neighbors' gate. Their dog was nice to the stray cats in their yard, but I imagine they were all females and this tom might have tried to get close. He had a liver condition that would make anesthetic reaction unpredictable, thus neutering was impossible.


I called him "Meathead" because of his huge head; and then one time I came across this article on Love Meow and here's a kitty similarly named for the same reason. My Meathead looked a lot like hers, except he was white, and his limb muscles were so defined and his ribs showing (plus his fur was short) he looked more like a maneless albino lion who hadn't had zebra in a long time.

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My wife's baby, Shiva.

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Wow! Awesome kittehs one and all :)


I shall have to ask my lady for the photos she has of our guy Cinder. He really is MY cat, but he tolerates her too ;)

He is a Spinx and is all grey with gold eyes and huge ears. I think he is a handsome little fella even if not in the traditional sense.

Most loving friend I have ever had. He sleeps in the crook of my arm at night and loves to hang out with me and "help" while I am working on the computer. lol

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Professor Cats PhD, he likes to be held upside down. lol

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Young Wedhi decided to go explore the linden tree:

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^ I like the fourth picture the most. (Bottom right)

Here's a new picture of The Professor, he fell asleep on my chocolate bar. lol

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Originally Posted by EpicPie View Post

I like the fourth picture the most. (Bottom right)

Then you might like this one too, although not perfectly in focus*:

Ain't she cute?!



*I really need to get myself a modern automatic focus lens; my dad's old manual lenses are hard to handle with fast action like a cat jumping from branch to branch!

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Way too cute:

more here
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Can one feed a cat with regular food? I always feel bad for my friends cat as she gets cat food and that is not very good food.
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