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I'm sorry to hear about your little guy, jtaylor991. frown.gif

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Sorry for your loss, jtaylor991.
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Lost our Tonkinese Boris last autumn, but spring has brought a newcomer : Wedhi!

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My cats - all rescued domestic shorthairs. They all arrived separately, two as kittens, but I couldn't resist any of them. Vet probably thinks I'm some sort of psycho.









My friends' ragdolls :


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atsmile.gifNice cats 

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I iz ready for mai closeup naow.




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Very beautiful coon!

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Two weeks ago the older of my former cats was locked in for a week in a guest house. My parents are not always there and they have always been very good taking care of themselves if they only got food. I got home about six days after it happened. Most times she does show up sooner or later but it wasn´t really all that alarming she hadn´t shown up while I left despite me calling for her. As I went I did hear some kind of see trout sound from the acre below it seemed. Nothing all that unusual I suppose but it sounded like some new bird I never heard or something but was 110 certain it was a bird sound. Visited my parents and mentioned she wasn´t around when I left there.


They went home the next day and when she still wasn´t to be seen they started to search and heard her jelling and found her in the guest house... Must have been her I heard but it really didn´t sound like her or any cat I ever heard before.  Truly a call of desperation... I moved the lawn like 20 metres away as closest but maybe she was sleeping deeply until I was about to leave.


Anyway she did start to drink instantly but one week later it appear that she is really not eating anything just drinking. She has always been super fit not one extra g of phat anywhere but now she moves on like an ultra stiff skeleton and weights virtually nothing. Hope she just got some constupation or something and not some serious injury from the starvation. My parents mentioned here eyes looked really weird but they are at least back to normal now from what I can see. Except I miss that angry I don´t have time nor care for you look. As mentioned she is about 20 year old so not really a youth anymore. Tried to bribe with minch meat but she won´t eat. Off to the vet tomorrow and if it isn´t something simple like constupation or what it´s called may just have to decide to let her sleep in. Doesn´t appear to be in any pain just absolutely no energy from the looks of it. I doubt she would land on the feet if I dropped here it´s like it doesn´t matter what you do. Still energy to curr  for whatever reason though.

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:( I hope everything turns out alright, oqvist!!

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Originally Posted by SleepyOne View Post

Very beautiful coon!

She's missing a few traits to be a Maine Coon, she's too small and the top ear tufts are not there.

Neena's just a Domestic Medium Hair with Tabby markings!


But yes she is very beautiful, Thanks!

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oqvist - fingers crossed everything OK. Feed it milk or better still the cat friendly milk in the meantime so at least there is sufficent vitanim. Could you bride it with cat snacks?


TrollDragon - it was the hair at neck :)

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He may be dehydrated and not eating because of a bad hairball or other obstruction?


My old cat got a piece of soft foam stuck in his esophagus, he almost died. It happens more often than you would think.

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Back from the vet now. Liver had given up and the prognoses was really bad so we decided to let her sleep in instead of trying to temporarily save her.

Feels awful... It´s just a damn cat but been here for 17 years or so. It went really quick though. Some sedative and she went away in a minute or two. Then the stick to the heart. No flinch no nothing.

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I am very sorry to hear that.

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Yes very sorry for your loss.

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