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That's a real cat? Okay, maybe...

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And yet another cat. I recently moved to Arizona and was about to visit the shelter to pick up a new one. The other cats stayed with family in California - the kids are very attached to them and we didn't want to yank them out of familiar surroundings. I will see them every month or so and the cats are just fine.

Anyway, I was going to find one at the shelter, but noticed a few ferals in the alley out back. I went out to see if they were friendly, but all hung back three or four feet. Except for one little calico kitten, who came out from under a car, looked me in the eye, then walked without hesitation into my hand. She started purring and let me pick her up after just a minute. So I took her inside and held her for a couple of hours.

I'd say she is about two to three months old. Scrawny, a little pathetic and I think she's missing the tip of her tail. I've been giving her all the food she wants for the past ten days. She's put on at least a pound and doesn't look skeletal any longer. Her coat is improving, but will probably take a couple more weeks to turn glossy.

She has already set herself up as a housecat. I get yowled at for food in the morning and evening, she picked a favorite chair, stalks me around the house, and stands over the keyboard when getting "insufficient" attention. Good kitty, though. Pretty mellow for a kitten and it seems like she'll turn into a lap cat. Which is exactly what I was looking for.

No pics yet, I'm still on mobile out here and don't know how to post pics from the phone. But the kitty is mostly orange and black, with a white chest, paws and part of her belly. Big orange eyes and white whiskers. Very cute and I'll put up pics next weekend.
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This be me.





I'd like some Toygers one day!

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Mike in the CatNip, lookin' mellow


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Originally Posted by tasteful View Post

That's a real cat? Okay, maybe...


If you're talking about my cat, yes it most definitely is real.

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We had two cats, Abby and Mandy. Both awesome kitties. Both adopted. Unfortunately, Mandy passed Nov. 1st of last year. Strangely enough Abby has completely come out of her shell. That has been very cool to see! Love cats. We would like to get a dog at some point.
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Have two cats, they are good buddy.


It's probably not a good idea to really let them drink, but this looks funny 


alcoholic cats

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Alright, I finally knocked off a few cat photos with the iPhone.  Not the best quality, but I want to show off my kitty:






The second shot is how she tells me that she wants a belly rub.  Belly rubs are very popular.


What a great cat.  I can't believe someone dumped her in the alley.

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This is Anikan, he was mentally disturbed and we had to return him.  He was very bad, but he was damned cute...and yes thats his little tongue sticking out lol

from my cheezbrgr profile





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Originally Posted by vrln View Post




Oh dear, someone has claimed his territory.....not sure it is too good for the amp though with all the extra warmth.....eviction may proove difficult lol 

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My cat, kind of looks like a russian blue but has orange eyes and more chubby



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My cat, kind of looks like a russian blue but has orange eyes and more chubby



What you describe exactly fits the description of a British Shorthair then.

Russian blues always have emerald-green eyes, you can see mine here in post#99

Fun how they love to play between the sheets! 

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Cindy (she passed away a few years ago):



La Chayo (she's nuts):



Atreyu (he wasn't mine but lived with us, he's such a prince):



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