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Headfi'ers and Whiplash Audio "Gives Back"  

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I wanted to share my personal wishes for this Christmas Season by sharing what took place over the last 24 hours.

I decided in November that I would run a sale called,"December Pricing" on the the new JH13pro, UE and Westone replacement cable. The TWag LOD was included in this....

Well the response was overwhelming. So in November I decided that I would unannounced donating 10% or my earnings in month of December and provide 4 families who could not afford buying Christmas gifts for their children.

Part of yesterday and earlier this evening I visited each parent and gave them the donated gifts. I wanted the gifts to come from the parents, not "charity". All of the parents were emotional when they saw this. I explained how the money was raised and they wanted to personally thank each and every one of you that purchased from December 1st - December 21st. Their gratitude I will never forget.

11 children now will be able to enjoy your Holiday Season. The parents were emotional which made me realize that this should be shared with our community.

Ages ranged from 19 months to 15 years of age.

Thank you everyone.
Please enjoy your Holidays!!
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Very noble of you! It's glad to have to have you here with us.
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My pleasure....

Really was awesome and worth every man hour in making products.

I hope to repeat this next year.

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That's fantastic. Happy Holidays!
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Wow Craig that's great I'm glad my purchase could help I look forward to continue buying your products in 2010. God bless
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That's a great donation Craig, really good to see people giving back. My school runs a program like this and promotes the values involved and it is great to see that people around the world share this generosity.

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I agree...

I wish I could see the look on the children faces!!

Thats worth it's weight in gold.

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Craig, you are really great!
I'm glad my purchase could help~(Although I haven't receive my TWag yet, probably due to the Christmas delay)

Happy Holidays!
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As do I Craig, very very generous of you to step up to the plate and pay it forward!
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Thanks everyone!!

Others can now enjoy the season as well...
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Originally Posted by williamchc View Post
Craig, you are really great!
I'm glad my purchase could help~(Although I haven't receive my TWag yet, probably due to the Christmas delay)

Happy Holidays!
Yea xmas delay is crazy!!

Let me know what you think of the TWag LOD!!

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glad I could help Craig fund those toys with my purchases as well
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awesome christmas spirit! you are an outstanding member of this community, and your actions exemplify what all of us should strive to achieve not only during the christmas season, but during the rest of the year as well. i feel glad to have purchased a product from you, and will continue to do so, knowing that it goes to a person with a great heart! Merry Christmas to you and the rest of the Head-Fi family!


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Yes, noble indeed. Thank you for your kind actions and thoughts. May your actions spread to others.

Best regards,

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That was very generous of you and I am glad I went ahead this month and purchased my cables from you to allow some additional contribution for your effort.

Wishing you and all a Happy Holiday Season!!!!
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