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FOUND: AKG K1000  

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Looking for someone with a mid production K1000 (S/N around 6000) that has a bad ear-speaker. Mine is S/N 6191 and it has developed a bad right ear-speaker so my goal is to make one working K1000 out of two damaged ones.

So if you have a mid production K1000 w/ a bad ear-speaker I would like to hear from you. Hopefully we can come to an agreement and I can purchase your damaged unit.


DECEMBER 30th UPDATE: Now also looking for a good working K1000 pair, if you have one shoot me a PM.
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Ouch, that is a drag. Commiserations and I hope you find one soon.
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Hi Miguel,

I've got a S/N 1027 K1000. One of the earspeakers also went bad, so had them both replaced with the new production earspeakers (older ones were not available). Had to change PCB boards as well...

As a result, I do have 2 old earspeakers here. One of them is faulty, the other one is fine. But I don't know whether it's the same driver as you have. If I remember correctly, AKG used more than 2 sorts (I think even more than 3 sorts) of different drivers + PCB boards...

Let me know if you are interested... I can take pics of the drivers if that helps...
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Thanks Chimpie, but as we discussed they are different vintage than mine. So guys/gals I am still looking ... I am posting a couple of picture of the driver in my K1000 (the one I am looking for).
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Presumably you have already contacted AKG directly?
I recall that as of a couple years ago, even after discontinuing production of new K1000, they still had some replacement and repair parts on hand.

good luck to you, I mean it.
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Found them, thanks.
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