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I guess the Utah group fizzeled out? I did not help by not being around. Any of the folks still here?

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I think we should try to get another meet started.

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I would attend if we had a SLC meet.

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Cool. At least someone is alive here.

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now to find more live bodies

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I would be up for a meet.  I am another warm body.

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Anyone Else?

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I would be up for a meet.  I just moved back here from Idaho, and am just moving up from IEM's and want some nice big headphones :)

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Is it just too damn cold out or is it the snow?  Are we waiting for better weather before we can get a meet together?  Anyone monitoring this thread?  Hello?

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Seems like I missed the little spark of interest for a meet in December / January.  I am interested and could bring some Schiit and/or my DV 337se. I'm living down south, but would be more than willing to drive up for a meet!

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As I have posted before, I as well would be up for a meet. Lets see if we can spark some more interest.
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Hi all.

I am moving to the SLC area starting around June for college.  Still a few months away, but who knows!
If I am around I would be interested in attending.  Always happy to meet new people instead of the same old MA / NY crew.


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I don't have a ton of stuff but am in the Provo area and would love to attend a meet. Always great to find out what other hi-fi addicts are into

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I'd love to attend an SLC meet. It'd be a bit of a drive from Logan, but not too bad.

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Though I don't have tons of equipment, I'd love to attend a meet too.  I'm also in Logan.

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