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Los Angeles Meet 1/9/2010 - Page 3

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What kind of beating are talking about? Very curious.
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I will look for the thread and give a link.

Edit-The thread appears to have been deleted.

PJ asked for help to cover the deposit(expensive space at hotel) for the second meet and some users from out of the area questioned doing that. There was what I saw as general harassment of PJ which would have caused me to immediately call it off but he hung in there. The moderators became involved as I recall at that point and the meet was called off. Since then no one in LA has wanted to do one. The guys in Orange county did one though.

This is just what I remember, would love to give you the link to see for yourself what exactly went down but oh well.
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No problem.

Phil's a great guy so I'm sure he came through fine

I was at the Orange County meet and we had nothing but a good time there. Everyone was in good high spirits and the meet went amazingly smooth.

By the way, you have quite the setup there. Bet it sounds fantastic!
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Thank you, a lot of what i figured out came from listening at a few meets, Canjam and reading like crazy. I got kind of lucky that I listened to the right people and reviews by dumb luck/pure chance. I read some stuff that I can't believe sometimes, especially after hearing certain equipment that sucks and is touted as great,/ or reading that some things don't make any difference-the same things that have transformed my system. By the way, I have had my share of duds taking advice to do a $500. upgrade to my usb section on the dac I ordered in early June and didn't get until Sept then finding that the usb section was still somewhat substandard and didn't support 24/96-should have known that...duh. So then got the Diverter when it was reworked and that made a big difference in the SQ but the $500. went down the toilet, ouch! Have had a couple of those I'm afraid-just keep working like crazy though and it all gets paid for.

I am curious about the T-1 now and the JH13s that I nearly bought early on. If I used iems more I would already have a pair but I just have very little opportunity to use them. In normal environments with noise I like them but I am usually walking in that scenario so I use my esw-9 which are just okay because with iems i can hear my footsteps loudly. I never hear that complaint but it keeps me from using them often.

Kind of spoiled listening at home though really anyway.

So is this thing going to happen....i just took inventory of anywhere I could see it around here and nothing came to mind, except Johns garage.

The Orange county thing sounded good but i was way sick that weekend, and you guys didn't want it I guarantee.
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I wouldn't say this isn't going to happen just yet. The OP hasn't been online since the 24th so he could very well be on some sort of family vacation. Let's give him a bit of time to respond and hopefully he'll have a location picked out soon.
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^^Good by me.
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Hey all, just a heads up I am still working on getting this meet set up. I still need to set a location. I'm making some calls tomorrow looking for somewhere. If anyone has any recommendations, let me know.
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Any updates on this?
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Originally Posted by MadMonky View Post
Hey all, just a heads up I am still working on getting this meet set up. I still need to set a location. I'm making some calls tomorrow looking for somewhere. If anyone has any recommendations, let me know.
The LAX Hilton has been pretty good to us in the past. They have a variety of rooms, so there should be one that would work.
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I might be able to come. I could bring my Pico DAC/Amp, Zune HD, and if anyone is interested in how remolds turn out, I have my TF10's done my UM (although you cant listen to them as they are custom =()

It just depends on where it is.
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wow next weekend..& nothing confirmed yet, reschedule?
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Considering today is the 3rd and there has been no venue selection, I would assume this meet isn't going to happen. But if it does, there won't be much attendance since people won't have time to find out about it or plan for it.
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Come on MadMonky... I was actually looking forward to this...

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OK...I think I am going to check with the wife and see to the possibility of hosting a meet at my home. Never done this before, but I think it shouldn't be too bad. I can clear out the living room and setup there.

How long should we keep the meet for? Who is up for it....
Gonna need a head count.
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When? This coming Saturday? I have to find out if I can make it. If you do it, it should be an all day thing like 10 - 6. But I think a few weeks from now might be better.
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