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IC: Seattle listening party

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so i have been wanting to have a music-centric gathering for a long time now. from the handful of meets i have been to, i have always left and gone straight to a record store to buy at least one album that i was introduced to at the meet.

not at all sure how this would work, especially with headphones. maybe try to find a venue with multiple rooms? one for speakers, and one for headphones?

i just know there are so many musical experiences out there that i haven't even begun to touch on.

if there are only a small number of people interested i could host it at a tiny work-studio i rent in the international district. (dont worry, even though it's a "work-studio" its not dirty at all - your gear will be safe.)

this seems like the kind of thing that could be a really fun regular occurrence. maybe monthly / bi-monthly?

what do you say guys?!
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I'm interested. New to headphones but love audio. Also looking to see when there's another meet-up like last year. Thanks!

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I buy music almost every week. So should have something new. Would like to come.
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sweet, what kind of music are you guys into? im into everything but have a bit of an emphasis on electronic in my collection.

thinking about finally ripping all of my CD's to a hard drive for this.

what would people prefer: headphones or speakers? listen together, with a bit of explanation (maybe like a show and tell kind of thing) or listen alone and wade through each others libraries?

should we make selections of stuff we want to share?

what do you guys want to get into musically? i really feel like i know nothing about classical and want to learn more.
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I listen to a lot of music that is current ,old, new release stuff. The genre doesn't really matter if it is cool. Just picked up the new The flight of the Conchords, Dashboard Confessional, New Order "Low Life" Deluxe edition, Rush "Moving Pictures". That is just a few from the top of my head.
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