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get a venta- it is both a humidifier and and air cleaner in one!
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Originally Posted by fenixdown110 View Post
Water transmits sounds better than air
I can see it now, the "next generation" of headphones/iems which require that you fill your ear canal with water first (or perhaps some sort of head enclosure will do it). The home theatre setup is actually a pool and snorkel
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hahahaha Maybe gel inserts. Cleans your earwax out at the same time!
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Aquarium with a silent constant pressure industrial pump.

They can be quite stylish, and you can get silly fish that look almost as stupid as that ostrich with k1000's
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Originally Posted by 883dave View Post
Look at Air-O-Swiss, one model has both ultrasonic and warm mist

I can't find that one here in Sweden. I was hoping to get a humidifier which I could tweak and use the mist to get multidimensional speakers.
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Get real. Multi-dimensional speakers won't cut it. you would need a 11 dimensional cube to stop the sound leaking out into other dimensions. There is also the problem that you can only hear sound in 4 dimensions. i.e, Length, breadth, height and spacetime.
Now, spacetime can be a real problem as it can effect the timing of the soundwaves - especially if you are descending into a gravity well.
So the problem remains one of elasticity, and that's not stretching the truth.
I suggest a negative ion generator as well as sorbolene cream with 10% glycerine for your skin.
You rub the sorbolene/glycerine into your dry chapped skin, and have the neg ion generator in your listening room.
The neg ion generator is a stroke of genius as negatives repel each other. This would leave your environment with only positive influences.
I hope this post has left a positive influence on you.
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i don't know about sound, but lenoxx is the highest quality home hvac if you have central heat.

i bet eventually patrick will find a surgeon that will "optimize" his body. i don't doubt it with him.

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This thread is made of win.

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Get a Hygrometer in one of those desktop sets and if it gets low boil some water and make Tea often  :)

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OMG, i just read this thread and i thought, does it really make a difference? and if you want to hear music that ''well'', why not go to a concert, listen to the music, commit it to memory and replay it from memory? it would be better than any headphones or speakers!^^

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Took you long enough, lol.


We need more threads like this and the Cream Soda one.

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The decision is really easy Patrick :


Find the humidifier with the "Hello Kitty" picture on the front.

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Alysabelle: Apparently the original poster had some... unusual ideas. And rabbit problems.

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A deioniser might make the sound cleaner, while a HEPA filter built-in may remove background noise and artifacts.

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