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Help Me Choose a Cell Phone!

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Since I trust you folks the most, I'll ask here first.

What phone should I get?

My uses will consist of talking on the phone (duh!), a good amount of texting, occasional net surfing, calendar events, and that's pretty much it.

I was thinking Blackberry, but that's too expensive for my basic uses. I'd like a physical "keyboard" if possible. Also, I would like to stick with Verizon.

Any suggestions? I'll be picking it up soon!
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If you're going for just a feature phone -> verizon, I'd probably get the enVtouch or one of the blackberrys. They're both ideal texting phones with acceptable surfing.

If it was me though I'd get the droid or one of the HTCs, but I believe those require an extra plan.
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hmm, do the blackberries require extra plans too? cuz the 8530 looks pretty good!

if all else fails, i think i'll just jump and get the droid... it's the "cool" thing to do according to the young folks. :P

any place to get good deals? i stumbled upon wirefly.com and a lot of people seem to buy their plans from there (plus bing cashback). is there any chance i could get a similar plan/deal at a local verizon store?

come on guys, i know you phone gurus are out there!

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"young folks" lol...

Well you did mention surfing so I'm assuming ud get the basic data plan which I think is the minimum requirement for most of the blackberrys so I think you'd be able to get the 8530.

If you're going to get a plan I'd go in store, theres a lot of things these nip you in the butt with charges or sign up fees you won't be aware of without thoroughly looking through their details.

Being that it's the holiday season my provider(ATT) has a B1G1F deal right now on all samsung phones, so I'd assume verizon has something similar to compete with. From the verizon website they have the daily deal of a phone+plan so you might see a phone you'll want on there if you keep up.

Getting the droid though requires a full data plan I believe so you'd probably be expecting hefty monthly charges :P
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dang it. no droid for me then... too fancy anyways

the Blackberry Curve 8530, HTC Ozone, and Blackberry Tour 9630 all look delicious...

checking the verizon website, there are a bunch of B1G1F deals too... now to see if i can get a good deal on a family plan

if anyone else has inputs on deals or anything about good phones, please tell me =D

thanks asianfi for the pointers!
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I'm on Verizon, I have unlimited data, and it's only $10/month for that.

I've got the EnV Touch, and it's a great phone. I really haven't had any problems with it. It has a physical and touch keyboard, so if you like one over the other, you're good to go. Also, I hear that the EnV Touch is only being sold with data plans now, but your miles may vary.
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