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Best PC Headset

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Well guys, it's time for a new headset. I need something with the best sound quality I can find for both speaking as well as listening.

I'm currently using a Xonar STX, if it matters.

Thanks all!
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Depends what you need it for and whats your budget
For gaming I'm addicted to Sennheisers PC350. Quite a hefty price tag but yet have to find something that sounds better. You would need a decent sound card though to get the most of them. Otherwise go for USB Sennheisers PC166. A bit cheaper, but great sounding and have that all important USB adapter.

PC350 sound good with films too.
I'm running music through amp and different headphones so wouldn't be able to comment on that.

edit: ahh, you got xonar STX =) havent noticed
get Sennheisers 350
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From what I've seen its better getting a headphone + clip a mic to it - get the feeling that companies that make headsets dont gear them to churn out any particularly great sound deliberately.
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I would agree with jwjw, I have the PC166 and while the microphone is decent, it doesn't compare to some of the clip on mics I've used. The buyer pays a premium for the integrated microphone and the audio quality usually isn't as good compared to purchasing a separate headphone and mic for the same price. However, I should also mention that I have never owned/heard the PC350. From what I understand, the PC350 shares the same driver as the HD555, which isn't a terrible headphone by any means. If you can pick up the PC350 at a low cost, it could be the perfect solution for you.

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