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Audiovalve RKV MK III

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Does anyone actually have the MK III version of this amp or even seen one? I've spoken to both the Canadien & US distributors for this product & both were quite vague regarding the II/III. The US guy even went so far as to say there actually was no III version. I'm about to get one of these - I think - & would obviously prefer the latest iteration if it does indeed exist. Thanks much for the help.
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It's real, and you can see pics of it on my web page.

See the link below.
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I've seen the pics of the RKV on Divergent's website as well as Audiovalve's. How does this look different from the Mark II? What I'd like to know is if anyone has actually purchased or seen a Mark III version. In the flesh.
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Perhaps this email directly from Audiovalve might dispel some myths: ".......The RKV Mark II is the latest one, the idea of calling it RKV Mark III was born in an internett forum, because we have made some electrical changes, so if on the amp is written RKV Mark II, it is the actually version." If grammarians among you are offended please note that this was a cut/paste direct quote.
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Nope, I've not seen it. Mine says "Mk II", though I was informed by the retailer that it was an upgraded version.
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Well, I don't know if I've been had. I picked up my "new" RKV this afternoon directly from Fanfare Int'l here in NY. I'd been assured that the unit I was getting was absolutely the latest version made by Audiovalve. I haven't hooked it up yet but I can clearly see that this is NOT the same unit that appears on Audiovalve's website. The faceplate is solid black (no slats) & it appears to be narrower & higher than the one in the photo. Also the interior layout is completely different & there are big round black things in there as opposed to the blue ones that appear in the website. I did get a good deal from Fanfare - I think - but I did want the latest version & I was promised that this was it. Should I be upset over this? Is there a substantial functional difference with which I should be concerned? There also was absolutely no paperwork (manual, warranty card etc.) in the crate with the unit. Gotta admit, I am a bit disconcerted.........
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i know nothing about the different versions of this amp, but doing a google search, i was able to come up with 3 rkv's that differed physically from one another.




the third pic is the same version from the Audiovalve website (or at least it looks to be so)
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Good grief, I didn't know there were that many variations of it. I got the second one...
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Does RKV have RCA out? So that you can connect source->RKV->integrated.
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Originally posted by Vertigo-1
Good grief, I didn't know there were that many variations of it.
Seconded. I have the third.
Originally posted by nec
Does RKV have RCA out? So that you can connect source->RKV->integrated.
Yes. Or at least mine does. Or at least, you can do that, I don't know if it's wired in parallel, so that you can stick your input into either one, etc.
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The RKV I picked up yesterday is the second of the three pics. I'm presuming that is the older version of the two(this one does have the horrific turn on/off pop/hum/whoosh - took me all of 2 secs to discover that). I think I'm going to return it & try to get the newer one. Dustychalk, could you tell me where you got your unit? I'm having a helluva time locating one. Thanks.
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I got mine from Brooklyn Audio in Canada. They were having some problems with Audiovalve (not antagonistic problem, just problems getting orders filled), so it took forever. I wasn't in a rush, as I already had the X-CANv2, which was, like, 90% of the way "there".
BTW, even with mine, you can't turn it off and then turn it on right away, you need to give it time to "forget" that it was just on. But "from cold", turning it on, there's no pop-whoosh or nuthin'.

PS Tx to MooGoesTheCow for the pics.

PPS Call me Dusty, plz. Or Mr. Chalk if you're nasty. :-)
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OK Mr. Chalk. Thanks for all your help & info. B'klyn Audio, BTW, gets their stuff from Divergent, not directly from AudioValve. Good to know Divergent, at least, has the latest version. How long ago did you get your unit? Incidentally, the guy at Fanfare told me Audiovalve components do not come with any paperwork at all, owner's manual, warranty info etc. Is this true?
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Mine didn't. In fact, I knew so little about it, that I was spamming everyone I could find about a manual. I was worried about biasing. I later found out about that whole proprietary circuit thing.

I got mine almost a year ago at this point.
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Mine is the second one. Templeboy told me to leave the headphones plugged in when turning it on so I don't get a pop and he was right.
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