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Sold a USB DAC Cable, and the transaction was perfect. Seller was a quick payer, and communication was great. He notified me the day it arrived and left feedback.

No issues, I would highly recommend.
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I bought a mini3, and he couldn't have done things better. Not only did he communicate and ship out quickly, he gave me a detailed list of where to find replacement parts, told me how to open it properly, and warned me away from bad stuff for it.
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Sold a set of IEMs to ucrags84. He was very pleasant to communicate with and quick to respond to PMs. Payment was made instantly and off they went. Very happy with the transaction - definitely wouldn't mind dealing with him again.

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Just bought his Headphonia USB cable dac. Good communication, cable arrived in good condition. Very smooth transaction.
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Purchased some very nice IEM's from him. Very fast shipping, it was a pleasure.
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