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Replacing Broken IEMs

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Until recently I had a pair of Shure SCL2s, however after a little over a year the connection to the headphone jack and at the left ear piece has become very bad and so I have returned them. I have a bit of a dilemma as to what to replace them with so any advice would be appreciated...

I would like to replace them with something a bit sturdier particularly around the connections, the cable on the SCL2s though was pretty sturdy. I found them quite comfortable and the sound was clear (when I first used them I noticed things I hadn't heard before), however I would like more depth to the sound and a slightly punchier bass. I listen to a variety of music ranging from drum n bass and synth pop to metal to acoustics (although not much acoustic). I also enjoy listening to organ music and I would imagine a big sound stage would really bring it to life.

As far as money goes, my SCL2s cost me about £50 and I would be willing to go above that, how much depends on what I would get for the extra money and possibly how generous people are at christmas. Thanks
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What is that, about $80. I am still trying to find out what country that symbol is for.
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That stands for pounds sterling (ie. Great Britain) and yes about $80 but depending on how much I would get for my money I would go above that, possibly quite a way above that.
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I'll recommend the Denon C751, though they're a tad over budget. They go for £80 at advancedmp3players but the current voucher code brings them down to under £70 shipped. The Denons have great bass and excellent build quality.
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Thanks, but another thing is that I would quite like a warranty greater than 1 year, although that isn't quite as important as some of the other criteria.
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Sennheiser CX550 maybe? They come with a 2 year warranty though the build isn't as sturdy as the Denons. However, they have served me well so far for the last 9 months or so. I still think the Denons would be better in your case.
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