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Warren Audio's broken hd800 cables - Page 5

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Originally Posted by scootermafia View Post

They're $50 a pair, not $100.

Thanks for that - makes them look a more attractive proposition so I might order a pair after all.



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OK, now have two spare Sennie plugs BUT those longer golden cylinders (as shown in your pic over the outside) were not part of the package.


And one of the leads in the HD800s stared to short out so I had to once more disassemble the plug.  The solder to it was holding fast so it was a case of snipping a couple of loose strands off and adding a small amount of plumbers tape to fix that. No need to resort to the new plugs.


But the reassembling of that small plug drove me nuttier than my usual insane state.  I guess the heat from soldering previously had distorted the plastic plug enough to make putting it back together VERY challenging.  In fact I gave up for a day and only got back to it again this afternoon.  After some swearing it finally fitted.  A couple of layers of heatshrink, it reconnected again without drama, and, miracle of miracles, no shorting even with considerable cable movement.


It is hard to know if one is imagining things but, after using the standard cable and then back to the Warren monstrosity, it did seem the music had a bit more air and was smoother.  But I would not put money on this. Auditory memory is pretty unreliable IMHO. particularly when it comes to subtleties in audio quality.  Anyone have thoughts to add about this?



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