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Greetings all,

Things have been a little quiet at Rockhopper Audio this year. I've been working diligently to clear out my backlog of orders and I've taken on a new job: Fatherhood.

But things are starting to even out and I am happy to announce a new website and new policies. You can view the new website design at Rockhopper Audio.

I will no longer be taking custom orders for amps. It's become clear that I cannot handle the workload and the stress of being a short-order amp builder. Add to that the cost of never buying parts in bulk and it's made it tough to make a real go of this.

So, I'm moving entirely to pre-build sales. Right now, I'm ramping up production on TEN 3-channel Beta 22 amps with Sigma 22 Power supplies. Man are they beauties. The first one will be up on our Store in January and a new one will be posted as the previous one sells.

Beyond that, I'm planning a run of M3 amps as well as other surprises throughout the year.

So pop on by, follow me on Twitter, and drop me a line.

Stephen (thrice)

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