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I watched it in 3D today AGAIN. And call me a fan, but it's equally awesome and breathtaking as the first time I watched it.
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I saw it in IMAX 3D a few hours ago. The story was basically "Dances With Wolves" meets "The Last Samurai" in an alien world. (believe me, you have experienced this basic plot before...) The sound and visuals make it a science fiction action-adventure movie more than worth seeing. I enjoyed every minute of it. (except for those 3D glasses which are uncomfortable to wear for such a long period of time...)
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Umm yeah Avatar - a lot of hype.

I truly enjoyed the film but man, it had so much potential to be better. Maybe if they had done some serious character development and made the mining guy's decisions a little less one sided, it could have been great. Making Jake's decision apparently 'easy' was a missed opportunity too. Either way, it was well worth my money to see and I'll be getting it on bluray when it comes out. District 9 was my favourite movie this year and by a fair bit too.
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Originally Posted by Lazarus Short View Post
Tell me this - do you ever read just for pleasure or for enjoyment???
I read for pleasure and enjoyment almost everyday. Perhaps my opinion is a bit harsh, but people won't make good movies until there is incentive to make good movies. If people are ok with ok, you will keep getting ok. I have never understood the hype, perhaps I am just so odd that I demand something fresh for my money. People said it was a good story, and to be honest, if that was the first time the story was told, it would have been an ok movie if you don't value human conversation.

Have fun getting ripped off, I won't.
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Like everyone seems to be saying. It was a thrill, simply spectacular in visual effects. Still speechless. But, i have to say this film awfully reminded me of the indians vs pilgrims story. Nonetheless, it was excellent.
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It reminded me of Fern Gully the most .
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I listened to the OST a few days ago. I didn´t really remember the music while watching it and listening to the OST I still can´t remember anything from it!
It obviously worked in the context with the film since I never noticed it but there is no melodies or anything that stick. Some mentioned it reminded of Horners Aliens soundtrack and there is certainly similarities.
Leona Lewis proove yet again that she can´t hold a straight tone for a dime. In the lead motive which you also can´t remember anything by...
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Let me say this again: this movie is a new paradigm in cinematography. The story was merely plausible in regards to typical human behavior and is only a vehicle for the incredible visuals.

Oh yeah... I am going to SEE it again! And I will look for the soundtrack, too.
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i saw it in IMAX 3D last night. i thought the movie was ok. it was visually pleasing, but i thought the movie was waaay too long and dragged out. and i agree that the plot was so predictable. i also thought that the actors could've been better. that chick from fast and the furious made me laugh (she prob had the worst and stupidest lines in the movie). if anything this movie may win an oscar just for the CGI, but i don't see it for anything else. it kind of felt like a cross between Lion King (felt too PG-ish) and Lord of The Rings to me (in that it took nearly 3 hours to tell a simple story), i was very close to falling asleep.

overall, a decent movie. it could've been a lot better. it kind of felt like this movie was rushed and james cameron did a mediocre job on it. or he focused too much on the visuals instead of the big picture. you might like it if you're into cgi. it's no terminator or titanic though. not a classic that i'll watch from time and time again.
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Got a chance to see it this past weekend. At first I didn't know what the hype was all about, but after seeing it I really enjoyed the movie. I had thought this movie only had special effects going for it, but I also enjoyed the storyline. It kept me interested throughout the movie and the special effects were spectacular. I Would recommend this movie to others.
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This is a bit of a bump, but I saw it yesterday and I have a few comments on it.

The animation is epic. If you're a special effects or animation lover, see it for that alone, if nothing else. Models are extremely detailed and the animations are fluid and clear.[

That said, I have quite a few issues with the movie. Firstly, it was just too damn long. I found myself during some of the longer scenes thinking in my head, "get to the point already." The storytelling was average at best, and despite the few exceptional actors and actresses, much of the acting seemed bland and stale. Secondly, what is with the portrayal of the US Marine Corps as a bunch of heartless, mindless, trigger-happy bastards? I understand the political statement and I am far from a supporter of the killing or relocation of indigenous peoples, but the stereotypical portrayal of the Marines is degrading to the many men and women that are members of the corps because they wanted to do the right thing.

That said, it was not a bad movie, per se. It was an alright movie with excellent special effects and animation that make it stand out.
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well, except for that one Marine... who gets to be the big strong white man who comes to lead the poor blue folk.
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when it comes out on blu ray, it will sell like hot cakes... Just for the visual eye candy, Avatar is worth watching it again and again.
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Originally Posted by Judge Buff View Post
Let me say this again: this movie is a new paradigm in cinematography. The story was merely plausible in regards to typical human behavior and is only a vehicle for the incredible visuals.

There hasn't been anything like it since the original Star Wars. It's a real leap forward in cinematography, and because of this movie there is a good chance that in 5 years a lot of what will be out there will be in 3D.

If you haven't seen this movie still, see it in IMAX 3D. This is essential, 3D is not just a gimmick in this movie but is put to full use and effect.

As a story there really isn't anything original in it, and as far as visual design there isn't much original in it either, at least to people that are familiar with Cameron's influences and previous works (or anyone that's played World of Warcraft for that matter), but it's still a well-done, solidly acted and directed film.
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Nothing like it except when the original Star Wars came out in the mid 1970s. Yes!
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