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Very happy to leave Alan his first feedback on HeadFi. Alan bought my SOHA II, very easy to deal with and lots of enthusiasm for this hobby. best..dB
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I sold Alan a pair of Yammy YH-1s. The transaction was as simple and straight forward as possible. Quick payment, good communication and good follow up .... 3 for 3.
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Alan bought an amp from me. Great communications and very friendly transaction. He kept his agreements and was a pleasure to do business with.
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Alan bought some Beyers from me - great transaction, and I can definitely recommend him.
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I sold Alan some franken-phones. Great communication, prompt payment, and he let me know when they got to him. Very good stuff!
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Alan bought my beloved HF-2's off me. He was extremely pleasant to deal with throughout and paid promptly.

Wouldn't hesitate to deal with him again.
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Alan, purchased my AD900s. He was decisive, a prompt payer, and a friendly correspondent. You couldn't ask for more in a prospective buyer.
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Alan purchased my Grado HF-1 #28 and paid when promised, and we had good communication through the process. He is a great buyer and I would deal with him again.
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I bought the sr71a from Alan. He is very firendly during the process, thanks a lot =)
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Sold Alan my SR71a a little while back (just getting around to feedback now). He was a pleasure to deal with. Thank you!
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