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Ive notived when I play my headphones in a nice stereo system
everything sounds great, I have a few pairs (Grado i80,Sennheiser
HD 280Pro,Audio technica ATH M40s,Koss Porta pro,and Panasonic RP350)
anyways my question is 2 fold;
My headphones thru my various stereo systems sound awesome
but when using the same headphones with my keyboards
Kurzweil,Yamaha,Roland they distort in the mid frequencies on certain sounds
especially the Grado and Koss.The Sennheiser,Audio tech& Panasonic
are fine so far... How come... does anyone know

2nd question
I asked a well known reputation Hi Fi dealer today, does the ohmage make a difference, he could not tell me and he requested about it from higher authoritys.. no answers.
My Sennheiser,ATs&Panasonic are 58- 60 ohms where my Grado,Koss are 32ohms, can that make a difference and why are theyre different ohms in the first place in various headphones
Is it possable that keyboards need a different headphone than a audio system
OK sorry.. 4 questions, it just very frustrating

thanks for any input