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Foobar help

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Hey guys, needs some help with foobar 2000! I just switched over from window's media player 11 & all of my wav (lossless) file's show no artist or album information. I've search for album infomation, but when I update it keep's giving me this error message.

Could not update tags (Unsupported format or corrupted file) on:
"D:\Music\KoRn\Korn\01 Blind.wav"

All file's play & are showing ? for album and artist. Any ideas?
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If you convert your Wav files to the lossless Flac format, you can save a ton of drive space (Flacs are about 50% the size of the original wav, on average), with no loss of quality. Flacs fully support tagging, so you'll have all of your info.

If you have any other questions, feel free to post them.
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I should clarify a couple things:

Windows Media Player was able to give you Artist/Album info because it downloads the song information, and stores it in an internal database. The wav format doesn't support tagging, so WMP doesn't actually change the files; this is why Foobar2000 doesn't have any of that metadata available to it.

After you convert your music to the Flac format, you can use Foobar to automatically tag the files; select some songs (you probably want to do an album at a time), right-click the selection, and hit "Tagging -> Get Tags From freedb". For most albums, this should give you all the information you need.

If you listen to more obscure music that may not be in freedb, you can still get foobar to help you out by making tagging faster. Select an album in the playlist, right-click the selection, and hit "Properties". Then select "Tools -> Automatically Fill Values". If all of your files are named like you have that Korn album, then you can put "%tracknumber% %title%" in the "Pattern" field, and it will fill in those two fields for you.

Hope this helped!
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The short answer- Wavs do no retain tag (matadata) info.

As UNHchabo wrote, convert to FLAC and tag...
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