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Large4mat and myself just finished a big dollar trade
(Grado RS1, Senn 580, Hi end Nikon lens) and everything
was just perfect. His item arrived in perfect condition
and was well packed. Very good email contact and a fine
gentleman to deal with. Highly recommended and a fine addition to this community.

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Reasonable price, fast shipping, great seller!

Highly reccomended.
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Beyerdynamics 250-80

Got a pair of Beyerdynamics 250-80, paid via PayPal and got them when we met at the Chicago meet. The can is in perfect shape and I'm happy with the purchase. Nice guy, thanks
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Greg is a cool guy to deal with. I had the opportunity to meet him in person at a head-fi function a few weekends ago and recently sold him a power cable. He has proven to be both a gentlemen and reliable person in both incidents and I give him my highest recomendations.

An asset to the board!
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Excellent transaction for the equinox cable i sold him. highly recommended.
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I just traded a pair of DiMarzio M-PATH ICs (1m) for Grado Flat pads and the 15' extension cord. He was quick to communicate and nice to deal with. I'd recommend doing more transactions with this guy.
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Just recieved my SR-125s from him today. Great seller, very quick; no problems whatsoever. Thanks!
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Greg just purchased my AKG 271s. He's a great guy to deal with, and his communication was great and his payment was super-fast.
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Bought an equinox cable from Greg and the transaction went flawlessly. In great condition as described, and shipped promptly!

Another great transaction,

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Received a cable from Large4Mat in perfect condition, thank you!

Oh yes, very fast shipping and quite a nice guy to boot.
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Greg sold me an equinox cable...advertised as new/like new, and it was! Fast communication and fast shipping!
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Purchased a Zu Mobius from Greg. Very responsive, polite individual. The cable was shipped exactly when he said it would be, and everything arrived looking just perfect. Definitely would do business with him again. Thanks again, Greg.
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Received a Headroom Gigabag in absolutely new conditions (still in packaging) from Greg. Fast and friendly transaction.
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I purchased a Headroom Traveler and the whole process was quick and easy. Thanks Greg
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More Zu Mobius purchased from Greg (you growing this stuff, Greg?) and it arrived promptly, well packed and exactly as advertised. Greg is easy to deal with and an all-round decent chap.

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