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WTT: My cetoole-built Millet Max

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Hey folks,

It pains me to do this, but I must trade my cetoole-built Millet Max. My young niece & nephew are about to invade my home so my wife can watch them every afternoon for the next year and I fear for the safety of my beloved tube amp (I have no place else in the house it can go safely - except storage). I wish to trade it for a comparable solid-state amp with some heft for when these kids decide to "play" with it. My amp is just over a year old and has seen very few hours (~ 60). It is in pristine condition, and I would only trade for an amp in similar condition. Included with the amp are:

- Triad Class 2 power supply (wall-wart)
- (5) sets of matched tubes (4 pr. 12AE6's & 1 pr. 12FM6's)
- Brand new digital multimeter
- adjustment screwdriver

Here are the specs. Please do not ask me to elaborate, because I wouldn't be able to (I'm no DIY'er). All I know is this amp sounds amazing and can easily power my 250ohm DT880's (I've never had to go beyond "10 o'clock" w/the volume):

The amp's guts
- Cathode bypass & output caps = Black Gate NX
- Output bypass = Vitamin Q
- Resistors = PRP or Kiwame
- Buffer inputs = (matched) Toshiba JFETS
- Output transistors = MOSFET
- Volume pot = Nobel AP25

The amp's regulated power supply
- Caps = Nichicon Muse FG, Nichicon UHE
- LM338 regulator

Other worthy mentionables
- All black pebble enamel finish
- Orange LED's (to light up the tubes) and orange "On" light
- A mini input on the rear panel (for iPod LOD, PCDP line-out) in addition to standard full-size stereo L & R inputs
- Both 1/4" and mini HP inputs on the front panel

If you've been wanting to add a tube amp to your life, let this one be it! This amp combined with my Rotel CD player and recabled Beyers adds up to a blissful listening experience every time I power up.

Solid state amps at the top of my trade wish-list are, in no particular order:
- Eddie Current EC/SS
- KICAS Caliente
- Headamp AE-2
- Corda Swing

If you would like to suggest a trade (even if it's not on my list), please send me a PM and we'll talk. If you'd like to see some nice pics of this amp (I don't have one of the insides and do not wish to open it up), send along your e-mail address and I'll forward you some pics. I will only deal with a reputable Head-Fi'er within the CONUS. Please read my feedback thread so you know you're dealing with somebody with lots of great feedback within our community.

I hate to see this amp go. It was such a big deal (for me) to have the amp's designer, cetoole, build this for me with his own hands. I doubt that whatever I trade it for will sound as good, but it's something that's got to be done. Thanks for taking the time to read this. zD
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Friday bump.
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Christmas Eve bump. "Happy Holidays" to all the Head-Fiers out there who may happen to read this. Now, could a few more of you PM me with trade offers?! JK (but not really...)
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The amp is gone. Thank you, Skullguise, and thank you, Colin!
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Gah, I wish i saw this. I want one of Colin's creations!
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