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Grados lows are pretty punchy I think these are Pioneers that Arthur Russell used
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I just posted a set of SE-L40's for sale on ebay if anyone is interested

se-l40, Electronics. Great deals on eBay!
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Got mine today, paid $110 including shipping. They certainly got low sensitivity, at levels that would make my ears bleed otherwise, these headphones just start to sparkle. Be back later when fully tested.

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Originally Posted by bcjohnst View Post

I also was lured by damn good looks and picked up a pair off ebay for $35. My initial impression was...yuck! The highs were rolled off, and the midrange was like the shag carpet this vintage feels at home curled up on. Then I removed the earpads (more like pillows) and the sound really opened up. They still sound velvety, but the highs now receive the most improved award. Ah...a DIY project--I bought some special foam that I'll use to make some custom pads...

Do you think you could give me afew tips on making my own earpads :S?

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i have a pair of SE-L40's

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Thanks for the thorough review.  I just acquired by brother's SE-L40's (bought about '74) to go along with my SE-700's (bought in '77). For headphones almost 40 years old, they sound great. Clarity and instrument separation are impressive but overall improved sound quality comes (w/ both these headphones) with replacement ear pads that do not muffle the speakers. The other thing is to drive them properly.  The need some juice….especially my SE-700's.  The SE-L40's do very well driven from the headphone out on the Adcom GTP-400 preamp. After my JB-21 box burned up, I drive the SE-700's from the Schiit Magni.  I have the complete SE-L40 manual in pdf if anyone wants it…just PM me and I'll get it to you.  Here's some pics of both headphones.



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