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How to approach women / girls thread

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This thread may be completely hormone driven but in a interest to divert from the normal topics around these parts I am interested in learning from other members here have to say about approaching women and what they feel is key for a woman to have before going after her. If the mods think this thread is inappropriate feel free to delete it. If any women on these forums feel offended feel free to make another thread for guys lol.
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nice one! I think being confident and good looking or at least well groomed is a good start. Some good communication skills would be key. Then a good reputation is also a bonus.
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be sure to be wearing your largest set of cans and say "you ever seen a pair this big before?" as you're staring at her chest.
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Just club them over the head a la caveman style and drag them back to your mud hut.

<<<Looks around nervously hoping Boomana doesn't come in with a shovel>>>
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lol you guys are making me crack up...after screwing up a really good opportunity over the weekend I am determined to become as knowledgeable as I possibly can be so it doesn't happen again.
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I just talk to them. In college, I'd often converse with random girls between class periods. I mostly listened, girls tend to really open up over the course of an hour. Then I'd get their numbers and never call them.
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lol that sounds so wrong but I understand where you are coming from...it seems like it is a normal act that if you talk for a while you exchange numbers and then you just didn't call because you didn't care to
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That's part of it. I was never popular with girls, or people in general. So I never learned the whole courting process.
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Keep staring at her until she initiates contact.

Either that, or come up with a question to ask. Ask how to get somewhere, the nearest restaurant, etc. If you're at the market, ask about how to pick the best produce, in a store, ask which shirt she likes better, etc.

It breaks the ice, comes across as harmless, can make her look smart, and opens the door to more conversation. If she's open to talking, let her. Most women love to talk, soif you get them into a conversation, move it along. Invite her to come along to the restaurant she recommended, tell her that you loved talking to her and ask if you can call her or meet for coffee. If she agrees, take it from there.

Practice your active listening skills. Ask intelligent follow-up questions and pay attention. Oh, and if you end up as a "friend," stay on her to set you up with someone.
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Thanks that was very informative Uncle Erik now my normal strategy or way of getting a number is I give mine first and usually they give me theres in return so I end up getting their number without asking. Is that a decent way to go about it or no?
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Get the number after youre already chummy with them. Getting a number right off the bat seems a little desperate to me unless you have to part ways.
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Well of course that is a given I am just talking about the best ways to ask or get a number when that time comes.
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Originally Posted by Uncle Erik View Post
Keep staring at her until she initiates contact.
Or until she runs away screaming.

I have had many people tell me that when I stare at them, they feel as though I am formulating a plan on how to murder them. Maybe that's just me....

In my younger and single days, if I found someone I thought I would be interested in and wanted to meet, I simply walked up to them and introduced myself. Sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn't. If it didn't, no big deal. If you do it enough, you get comfortable with yourself and it shows.
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If it wasn't illegal to do I would set up a online dating site for teenagers and enjoy the heaps of success . LOL anyways kidding aside ya I think with me it is just a matter of feeling comfortable enough with myself to not show any care or concern with what I am doing and just seem confident.
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Cucumber. In. Pants.
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